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How To Make The Best of Your Summer

Sometimes we have a busy summer ahead of us, and sometimes we are worrying that we will not be busy enough. Either way, summer should be a time to relax and do some things that will benefit you. To make the best of your summer, you just need a plan!

Are you busy, broke or bored? Hey, this isn’t something to be ashamed of! We all have summers when we aren’t particularly busy. There are several things you can do to make your summer a memorable one, even if you are stuck at home.

How To Make The Best of Your Summer

1. Get a second job or do an internship.

Sometimes it is hard to land that one awesome position you wanted, but you do not need to find your dream job right away.

Print out some resumes and go job-hunting for something that will give you some extra cash in your pocket. Hey, money is money. If you wait around too long to land something awesome, you could find yourself broke. The great part about any job is that you will be gaining experience and connections. Even if you are waitressing, you never know what new people you could meet and what doors you can open or new friends you can make. Also, getting a job will help you get out of a summer boredom rut.

2. Start a side hustle

Are you crafty? Have some vintage items lying around? Start your own shop on It is fun and easy, especially if you are a young entrepreneur wanting to learn a little bit more about making your own money in your own business. To learn more about starting your own shop on Etsy, check out their website and see if it is something you would like to get into.

Do you have any extra clothes or furniture you can get rid of? Clean your room out of the old stuff you might still have lying around from high school or college.

If you’re willing to part with some of your old gems, take them to a nearby consignment shop. Or sell them on ThredUp. Your room will be cleaner and your wallet will be fatter. If none of these things are close by, Ebay is also a great way to empty out your closet.

3. Learn something new.

Get outside or pick up those books you have been “meaning to get to.” You will be glad you did, and maybe you will even discover a new passion or talent. Think you are a horrible cook? Find some beginner recipes online and utilize your kitchen; it makes your meal more rewarding and is usually a less expensive way to quench your hunger!

4. Exercise and eat healthier!

What a better time of year to get those endorphins going? Get going on that work out plan or diet you have been meaning to start. Your body will thank you and higher levels of endorphins will increase your happiness. Not into exercising but want to de-stress a bit? Yoga is a great way to lessen anxiety and increase flexibility, without being too strenuous. Switch fast food for healthier options and instead of sodas, drink water through a RO water filter.

5. Take time for yourself.

If you are one of us twenty-somethings that has a full busy schedule ahead of you, it is not too late to make sure you put aside some time for yourself.

Take 30 minutes before going to bed and read that book you’ve been meaning to read. Start watching a legendary TV series you have been meaning to start. It is important to set aside some “me time,” but you can relax and bend your mind a little bit with some good novels or films.

Having a schedule and priorities will get you motivated and help you feel more responsible. Whether it is getting a job, finding an internship, selling your new and old things, exercising or reading a book, summer is upon us! Have fun and try new things.

Party with some old friends and make some new friends along the way. Take your camera and document your travels and good times. The possibilities are endless.

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