A casual office atmosphere doesn't mean a sloppy wardrobe. Follow these tips to look polished at the office.

Things tend more towards the casual these days when it comes to office attire, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a slouch.

As the saying goes, you should dress for the job you want—not the job you have. So if you’re wearing stained tees, old jeans, and flip-flops each day, you’re probably not sending the message of ambition that you want.

Plus, we all make mistakes at work, as we’re only human, but mistakes made when looking good are somehow more palatable, don’t you agree?

Whether your dress code is casual, business casual, or straight-up business, you should follow these tips on how to look polished at the office. It’ll go a long way in making an impression and hopefully in helping you become the career rock star you aspire to be.


Women have plenty of ways to accessorize. From jewelry and scarves to hats and purses, there are plenty of ways to add so-called “flair.” That doesn’t mean men can’t bring or wear items in the office that will make them look polished. Both men and women should invest in things like fashionable brief cases, laptop bags, and iPhone cases.

That Kim Kardashian iPhone case was funny for a few seconds, but it’s gotta go. Touch of Modern has a nice selection of iPhone cases online. And, by the way, carrying your laptop around in a recyclable grocery bag doesn’t convey that you are a conservationist. It makes you look silly, so stop that.

Be a “Shoe-In”

If you live on the west coast, flip-flops are omnipresent. No matter where you live, though, these are simply not appropriate for the office.

A nice pair of sandals can be the exception, but that pair of thongs you use at the beach needs to stay there.  You don’t have to forgo comfort for your feet to look nice either.

Luckily for women, flats are oh-so-haute right now. And men have plenty of comfortable yet stylish options, too. There’s no excuse for slouchy footwear, people.

Launder Properly

We get it. These days, not many people iron. The dryer serves as the way to de-wrinkle our clothes. Even if this describes you, though, wrinkles are never stylish (unless you’re wearing a linen shirt).

If you don’t have an iron or simply don’t want to iron, please take your clothes to your local dry cleaners. A clean, wrinkle-free outfit makes a polished impression. The alternative is looking like you came straight from your night on the town.

Good Grooming

Another trend these days is the “lumbersexual.” Facial hair is having a moment for men. That’s all well and good but if you’ve decided to go grizzly, please be sure to keep this neat and trim. An untamed beard makes you seem like you don’t care or even that you’re possibly short of a few marbles. Facial hair is fine, but be sure it looks professional with The Art of Shaving kit.

A nice haircut is also the order of the day when it comes to looking polished. We know getting your hair done can be hard to fit in, but it’s important. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist what haircut suits your face shape best. For better or worse, your hair is one of the biggest ways to make an impression.

We also know that many people are pressed for time and don’t have the bandwidth to blow out hair every day, but wet hair can give the impression that you can barely make it to work on time. Men can easily dry their short hair, and women could think about putting wet hair into a bun so it looks nice and neat. There are a lot of fashionable headbands these days that lend themselves to this look. If you have long hair, stunning braids are another way to go for a quick yet polished style.

We’re all busier than ever, with our commitments often having commitments. That doesn’t mean you can look unkempt at work. Follow these tips for looking polished at the office and you’ll reap the rewards at review time.

This article is featured on behalf of Holly Tomlinson.

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