Sometimes it's hard to remember that success in your career doesn't happen overnight and that success doesn't come easily.

When it comes to developing a career and a name for yourself, it’s probably one of your top priorities. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that success in your career doesn’t happen all at once but over time.

When you focus on the right things, keep your mind straight and believe in yourself, it will more often than not, work out in your favor.

Making hard choices to do what you want can range from all different categories. This can include stepping out of your comfort zone, speaking up when you’re hesitant, standing up for what you believe in when you’re nervous of the outcome, learning new skills, taking on difficult tasks or communicating with important foreign clients, etc.–the list goes on.

But what happens when these hard choices affect you a little more so? What happens when they pull on an emotional string and leave you somewhat stranded about what to do?

I’ll be the first person to tell you that the hardest choices are sometimes still the best ones for us.

A hard choice I made for my career was deciding to stay in New York, while my entire family moved to Florida. I battled the idea for months and even though I knew what I wanted, it was one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make.

My relationship with my family means the world to me, but I knew I had to do what was right for my career. They understood, supported me and even though they didn’t want to, they let me stay and went on without them. Because they too, understood how much it meant to me.

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They understood how much I loved NYC and how I’ve always wanted to begin my career there. They wouldn’t ever take that away from me or be greedy. Because when you make a choice like this, it’s always for the best.

Here’s how to handle making hard choices for your career:

1. Evaluate the situation.

Figure out what choices you have, why it’s hard to decide and why you need to do it. These action items may sound obvious, but unless you go over them with yourself, it makes it harder to actually come to a conclusion.

It’s healthy to write down and define your decisions to grasp what it truly is that you’re after.

List the pros and cons. Include others and gather opinions. Do research to help you decide. And don’t do anything unless it’s where you’re heart is leading you.

Your gut feeling tells you a lot so if you feel like you’re doing the right thing, you probably are.

2. Determine it’s validity to your life.

Make sure that the choice you’re making with regard to your career, is one that will fit your lifestyle. By that I don’t mean avoid taking chances because taking chances is a good thing!

I mean, make sure you aren’t coming to a conclusion on what to do because you feel like you HAVE to, or it’s what SOMEONE ELSE wants. This choice is all about you. It’s your career and it’s your life. Do what YOU want.

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3. Decide what it is you want most.

When determining which way to go, decide what you want most and if that choice is going to give you that. I believe in going after what you want and not stopping until you get it. There’s really no excuse for it because you’re totally capable of anything!

Think about what your biggest desire is within your career, whichever decision will bring you closer to that, is the one you should be making.

4. Think long-term.

As a child and even young adult, we are often unfazed by big decisions, because we really only have to worry about the short-term ones. Once you get older and develop into the person you’re truly meant to be and start your career, decision-making matters a lot more.

Think about how your decision will affect your career and life in the long-run. What you decide now can and will affect your future. There’s a lot more at stake now and so much risk. But risk is necessary, and we need to take chances to make our dreams come true.

5. Know that it’s okay to be scared.

Being afraid is totally normal. If you aren’t afraid, then you really aren’t living. I believe that by accepting challenges that are bigger than we are, we’re doing it right. Which means we’re improving our overall well-being, positiveness, and strength everyday.

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Sometimes it takes a little push to get where we were too afraid to go in the beginning. And more often than not once we get there, we see it was worth it.

6. Never give up.

Don’t ever sell yourself short or think it’s not worth it. If it’s what you want, than it’s worth it!

Sometimes, we don’t make the best choices because we’re only human. The biggest part is not letting if affect our motivation. We can always overcome it and make an even better future for ourselves.

Don’t give up on your career and don’t give up on your dreams.

What hard choices have you had to make lately?