Have you come home from summer vacation and physically, you feel like complete blah – sluggish, bloated, low on energy? Did you happen to overeat, not work out, and not take care of your body? I bet there are many people who feel the same.

Summer is a great time to unwind, spend time with friends and family, travel, and just enjoy life. But we often find ourselves overindulging with food and drinks and skipping workouts during summer. It’s totally understandable and completely normal.

Maybe a part of you often wonders why we do that to our bodies. But then again, if you felt pleasure and happiness at that moment when you ate that sweet dessert or had one too many glasses of wine after dinner, then just relax and let go. Don’t beat yourself up. Let those memories remain as sweet as the summer. We can always get back into a healthy routine after vacation.

If this has been the craziest summer EVER, it’s time to figure out how to hit reset and get yourself ready for a fresh start. Maybe you’ve spent your summer on a vacation, or maybe you’ve traded your free family time for making a significant life change.

Whatever your summer has been like, those hectic couple of weeks can really mess up your healthy routine. You may not have gained any extra pounds, but maybe you’re noticing that you feel a little sluggish and super bloated.

And when you think about it, there’s no real wonder in that. So many of us skip meals too many times and eat too little. Maybe you also ordered food in a few times too over your summer vacation to treat yourself. You can still choose a healthier menu, but it can’t replace home-cooked meals. That can all cause chaos in your body – as well as skipping your workouts.

After your summer vacation is a great time to get back on the HEALTHY train. The good news is that no matter how horrible you’ve sinned during summer and summer vacation – that includes, overeating, drinking and partying hard – you don’t have to go on some crazy diet nor sweat like a crazy person in the gym to get back on track. Your body is resilient and knows how to heal itself. You just have to help it a little.

So, let’s get healthy together! Here are some simple tips that will help you feel better in no time.

How To Get Back Into A Healthy Routine After Your Summer Vacation

1. Cut back your sugar intake.

Take a TEMPORARY break from ALL the sugary food. That includes ALL the store-bought stuff with refined sugars (…of course!) And yes, that means no muffins or cookies for a few weeks too.  Also, reduce the amount of healthy sugar alternatives you use daily – that means honey and syrups. Try drinking tea without the honey, or add just a half teaspoon of sugar in your morning coffee instead of your usual two.

To help your body metabolize the sugar rush, load up on lean proteins, fibers, and healthy fats. After you get yourself off the sugar and after you get your body used to not having sugar in a diet, then you can again enjoy healthier desserts. But remember – mindfully choose which treats you want to enjoy and always be moderate.

2. Drink lots and lots of water.

I know this is not news to most people, but it is just so important. Drinking enough water is essential to help your liver and kidneys filter out toxins, and it helps release the extra weight and bloat from the overindulgence. It’s easy to add more water back into your routine by carrying a water bottle around with you all day. It’s a great reminder for you to drink more water throughout the day.

3. Have a cup of herbal tea.

If you have trouble drinking plain water, try sipping on warm teas. Herbal teas are the best. Try mint, ginger, chamomile or dandelion tea. They are all known to soothe and relieve digestive problems such as:

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Intestinal gas
  • Heartburn
  • Irritable bowls

Green tea is great for detoxifying the body too.

4. Eat raw vegetables with every meal.

Fresh veggies, especially green ones, can do wonders for our bodies. They flush down those nasty toxins out like some miracle workers. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that help fight free radicals that damage our body cells.

Veggies also keep our digestive tract healthy and adding raw veggies to your daily meals is no fuss. This is great especially if you really love all the veggies and usually eat a lot of salads. For the purpose of speed cleansing, you can just double up the greens intake.

If you don’t like broccoli, kale, or spinach, just eat veggies that you love. You don’t have to force yourself onto anything. Grab something that you actually like. The effect will be amazing either way – greens or not greens. Veggies are the best.

5. Start exercising.

You knew it was coming. You need to get that body moving. Period. Exercise has many health benefits including helping to lose and maintain a healthy weight, and reducing a risk of many diseases. Moving your booty will help speed up the cleansing process too, so get it moving.

You can start with a short brisk walk after dinner. Walking works miracles for getting back in shape. You can add in some cardio exercise too. It will help to boost your metabolism. Whatever you do (or whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness pro), start slowly on your exercise routine. You’re more likely to form a good exercising habit if you ease into it. Plus, you’re more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan you’ve just started. So start walking, do yoga, go to the gym. Your body will thank you.

6. Plan your meals and eat homemade food.

This should actually be the first thing on your “get back on track” list. Meal planning will not only save you time (and money), but it will also save you from the definite doom of ordering restaurant dinners. Although there are meany good quality restaurants that cook excellent, even healthier meals, you still don’t exactly know what ingredients they use.

When you eat homemade meals, you control the ingredients, and you know what goes into your body. It doesn’t mean you’ll never go to a restaurant again or order dinner in, but for the purpose of getting into healthy shape, skip ordering and eating out for a while. Start cooking (again). Be creative with food.

Getting back into a healthy routine after summer vacation is as much a mental as it is a physical challenge. Do what you have to do to get on that healthy train again. Create a plan that excited you and will make you healthier and happier again. Detox from a self-punishment mindset and adopt a self-care mindset. You’ll be back to your normal lean, un-bloated self in no time.