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Finding the right career path to suit your needs is the key to finding a role that you are comfortable with long term. More and more companies are starting to pay attention to the needs of their employees with regards to benefits and health to ensure that while their staff are on the job, they have a positive approach towards their work and the financial rewards that come with that.

If you’re on a job hunt, you will have noticed that advertisements for roles in every sector often come with guarantees about the workplace environment. For example, Miramontes Capital makes special mention of its company culture, outlining how your development is important to them and adding in what benefits you can expect on a daily basis. With demand high for the best recruits, it is essential for employers to offer a working environment that lends itself to the brightest and best.

It won’t take you long to find out if a workplace has a poor working culture, and often a high turnover is a sign of this. Other things to look out for when you start at a company – though often these habits can be recognized during an interview – are the forming of office cliques and an unwillingness to offer flexible working.

Flexible or remote working is more common now than it ever has been, with companies understanding that the modern life may not be conducive to working a traditional 9 to 5. Business needs will have to come first, but a good working culture will promote an environment that you as a staff member will feel confident to come forward and ask for assistance with your working hours whether that be a permanent change or for a short period of time. Additionally, the option of working remotely comes with its own benefits for both parties.

That option to work outside of the office isn’t just a sign of a company and their employees working together for a better relationship but is also a demonstration of a business embracing the new digital landscape. Preferable though it might be for some industries to have staff on site in an office or likewise, the ability to adapt to change is a good sign if you’re looking for a long career somewhere. The last thing you need is to watch the digital age pass you by because your company is stuck in the way things used to work, this could lead not just to you losing out but also your employer finding competitors or new start-ups overtake it.

Remember, the power is in your hands when you’re applying for a role and when you’re employed. The more the applicant or the worker stands up and says “we want to be treated in a certain way” the more the current trend of companies creating positive working environments will grow.

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