The game of bingo has enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity over the past couple of decades, attracting a wider audience of players of all ages. The internet played a key role in rejuvenating the image of bingo and bringing in new players, attracted by exciting variations of the game and a wide range of promotional offers. Bingo players to day play both online and at their local bingo hall, with many seeing bingo as a social opportunity.

Lots of people today like to play bingo with friends as an excuse to get together. However, not everyone can afford to spend money every single time they meet up with friends. Finding ways to make bingo cheaper, manage a bingo fund and even find ways to play for free can help many people enjoy a more active social life without breaking the bank.

How to Enjoy Bingo Without Breaking the Bank

Socialize While Playing

Bingo is a very social game, and this doesn’t have to change online

Online bingo sites can be just as sociable as visiting the local bingo hall. Some people actually prefer socializing with friends through chat facilities online rather than physically going to a hall, as there are often rules about silence in brick-and-mortar bingo halls to ensure everyone can hear what the caller is saying. One of the key benefits of playing online is that players can search for the best deals each time they play, without being limited by geography.

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Free Bingo

Lots of bingo websites today offer free to play versions of the game, some of which even provide opportunities to win cash prizes or other forms of bonuses. Wink Bingo online gives new players the chance to win up to a maximum of £900 playing games that cost nothing to enter, plus a variety of bonuses and loyalty points in the first three days after registering.

Free bingo can be a great way to experiment with the software, chat with other players and see who else uses the site, as well as accessing the potential to unlock free cash prizes.

Setting a Bingo Budget

A budget is a great way to keep track of spending

As with any form of gambling, it makes sense to set a bingo budget for each week and stick to it to ensure spending does not get out of hand. A budget not only helps players to spend within their means; it can also be a great way to keep track of how much money is being won or lost, particularly when playing across several different websites or accounts.

A bingo budget should initially be set at an amount the player can afford to lose, so that if their luck is not in one week, they are still not overspending. Some people prefer to bank any winnings separately, while others see winnings as an opportunity to play more that week.

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Whichever option is chosen, the total weekly spend should not exceed the amount set out in the budget.

Set Deposit Limits

Most online bingo sites allow players to set themselves maximum deposit limits. This means the site will warn users if they are nearing their limit or, in some cases, prevent them from

adding any more funds until the following week or month once the limit has been reached.

The strictness of deposit limit software will vary from website to website so new players should be aware of what they are signing up for before setting any limits.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Most bingo websites will offer players a range of enticing promotions, both to attract new customers and retain regular players. The advantage of playing online is that players can research which sites have the best promotions at any particular time before signing up.

Promotions might include a certain number of free games for new players, the opportunity to build up loyalty points which can be cashed in for free tickets or unlocking new and exciting elements of the game with regular play.


While bingo is mainly a game of luck rather than skill, it is fast-paced and any players who misses marking a number on their card immediately reduces their chances of a win.

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Practicing, particularly on free games, can help new players increase their speed and ensure they never miss a number.

Find the Right Game

The basic concept of bingo does not differ much from game to game, but there are thousands of variations to choose from online. This might mean selecting a game with a certain number of balls, choosing a themed game that helps keep attention, or simply finding out where friends are going to be playing. Finding the most enjoyable game helps each player to fully engage, which increases their chances of completing their bingo card.

Keep Notes

Even players who are not setting themselves a strict budget can benefit from keeping notes on their deposits, wins and losses. This helps to give a broader picture of whether this hobby is profitable or whether it is a weekly expenditure to be accounted for.

A recent report on the habits of bingo players found that the average online player is most likely to be a female aged between 35 and 64 who has two or more accounts and plays at least once each week. Keeping track of expenditure across multiple accounts is therefore essential for those that want to manage their money effectively. It can be easy to let one big win fool you into thinking your winnings in total outweigh expenditure.