How to apply sorority life to the real world

We have all heard about the stereotypical sorority girl – Southern, blonde, and only in school to get her “MRS” degree.

It is not until someone is actually a part of a sorority that they realize that the things these women learn are important. Not only are they a part of an organization that prides themselves on the connection between women and the enhancement of feminism, but also the four years spent inside the Greek organization teaches you how to be a functional member of society after college.

So, although it is difficult to understand how it works on the inside when you are standing outside, here are a few features of a sorority that can help build your resume and make you a better person – in the professional and personal sense.

Leadership Opportunities – There are many different positions that can be held within a sorority’s chapter and, though they vary slightly from organization to organization, each position helps you learn as a leader and understand your place among other leaders.

Time Management – There is no denying that college is hard. But when you add all the extra commitments of being a member in a house, it gets even harder. Between having to balance school, work, and spending time with your beloved sisters it is no wonder that sorority girls know how to cram a full day’s worth of activities into a few hours and still get them done well.

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Networking – I do not have enough fingers or toes to count the number of times I have been told that networking helps. I did not realize just how much, though, until I learned how to network because of the huge amount of alumni I interacted with. Networking is important, people. There is no denying that.

Lasting Friendships – A sorority girl knows from the moment she gets her bid that she will have a hundred-plus girls who will let her crash on her couch even three years after college. She will have girls who will bring her soup when she feels like she is lying on her deathbed, and she will have those girls long after college. The misconception is that a sorority is just “paying for your friends,” but it is about finding respect from girls who love you unconditionally.

Spend twenty minutes with a Greek alumna and ask her what her sorority has taught her. She did not go to college for a “MRS” degree, she came to learn. Along the way, she found some sisters and learned how to live in the real world too.