I am participating in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central and hosted by the makers of Bayer® Aspirin. I have received compensation to thank me for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.

As I’m getting older, my heart health is becoming increasingly important to me. Several of my family members have had strokes and heart attacks as they aged past their twenties. While I can’t change those instances now, the very least I can do is be prepared in case it happens to me, another family member or someone around me.

Heart Attack Facts

Did you know that there is a heart attack every 42 seconds in the United States? That’s just about seven people every five minutes experiencing a heart attack.

Signs of a heart attack include chest tightness, pain radiating to shoulders, neck, jaw or arms, shortness of breath (with or without chest pain), fainting and lightheadedness, sweating, paleness, nausea, , and/or extreme fatigue. These symptoms may easily be confused with other afflictions such as simply being tired or overexerting oneself.

If you suspect someone or yourself might be having a heart attack, immediately call 911. If you’re ever in this situation, a doctor may direct the person to chew or crush and swallow aspirin. However, they can only do so if aspirin is on hand. Bayer Aspirin can be life saving in this situation because it works to keep blood from clotting, thus preventing damage to the heart muscle and increasing your chance of survival.

What Can You Do?

With the #HeroSmiths campaign, Bayer’s goal is turn everyone with the most common last name into a potential hero. If aspirin was on hand (and instructed to be taken by a doctor) during a suspected heart attack, people having a heart attack could have a greater chance of survival. The good news is, we can all make an effort to carry aspirin with us and make a positive difference in the world.

After taking The HeroSmiths quiz, I discovered that I could help save up to 1034 people from a suspected heart attack by being prepared and carrying aspirin with me. If you live in a large city, commute by bus, or work at a large company, your potential is even higher. Take the quiz and discover your potential impact.

I’ve taken the pledge because of the history of heart disease in my family. My grandfather passed away from a heart attack before I had the chance to know him. If something as simple as having aspirin on hand could have helped save his life, I would have been so grateful. I want to be in a position to help someone else if I can.

Aspirin takes up very little space, and can even be carried in your purse. Join me: take the pledge and discover more about the The Hero Smiths campaign here.

In the event of a suspected heart attack, immediately call 9-1-1 and chew or crush and swallow aspirin as directed by a doctor.