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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Minerals

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Most of us are aware of the benefits of vitamins. After all, vitamins are in virtually every food we eat and are directly responsible for the excellent health and condition of many different areas of the body. However, to receive and process vitamins in the body, we also need minerals.

Many health experts reckon they are even more critical to our health than vitamins, and many serious illnesses can be directly traced to a lack of minerals. Compare this to vitamin deficiency, which is often easily cured with a rebalancing of diet and nutrition. With this in mind, we’re going to go through some of the key benefits of getting to know and use minerals more often — let’s take a closer look.

The essential elements of the body:

Minerals like sodium and potassium are essential in maintaining fluid balance in the body, and imbalance of them could lead to severe dehydration.

Calcium is another vital mineral, responsible for the strength and condition of your teeth and bones. Your blood relies on a mineral, too — iron is responsible for transporting it around your body. As you can see, deficiencies of any mineral can result in quite serious illness, and structural weakness, internal dysfunction, and debilitating disease are all a possible outcome.

Minerals in the diet

The first place to find your minerals should always be in the food that you eat. Just like vitamins, natural sources of any product are always better than supplements and pills, neither of which should be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. By eating the right food types, you can plug any gaps in your diet pretty quickly, and many doctors believe it will give you a first class ticket to the best possible health.

Mineral supplements

Of course, there will be occasions where no amount of food you eat is going to contain the essential nutrients you need. If there is a chronic gap, your doctor may put you on a course for supplements. Iron deficiency is common in pregnancy, for example, and mothers who have just had babies are less likely to break bones or suffer fractures if they have calcium or vitamin D supplements.


Minerals in makeup

When it comes to choosing our favorite natural makeup brands, we all have different preferences. But did you know there are inherent health benefits with using makeup containing minerals? Iron oxide, talc, zinc oxide and titanium oxide are all present in many different products, and all can be healthy for sensitive skin, acne, and help people suffering from rosacea.

The ones to watch

According to research, most adults and children don’t consume enough calcium, potassium, or vitamin D. If you want to feel better, improve your health, try eating more fruits, veggies, dairy and meat for your potassium fix. Calcium is present in dairy, kale, broccoli and watercress. Finally, vitamin D is available for free, from the sun’s rays, or in foods like egg yolk, cheese, and fatty fish. Top up your diet, and you will better than ever.

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