What do people do at the gym that you absolutely can’t stand? 

Finally! People are making the choice to live healthier lifestyles and to get into shape. Regardless of why you’re getting healthy or working hard to maintain it, we support it. Go get ‘em tiger. Whether you’re a newcomer to the gym (welcome to the club) or a regular, I’m sure you’ve been to the gym at least once and found yourself annoyed and possibly even flabbergasted at some of the gym etiquette, or lack thereof that you’ve seen. We’ve got some tips that everyone should observe to make sure that everyone gets the best out of their workouts.

1. Don’t hog the equipment.

Yeah, that’s right, you see me eyeing you for that elliptical machine. It’s apparently gym rush hour (which seems like every hour) and you’ve been on it for over an hour. There’s no way the elliptical is that fun, give a sister a chance. We’re all here for the same reason and to be honest, I don’t have three hours to spend in the gym waiting for a machine on cardio day. Don’t be a machine hog!

2. Don’t abuse the equipment.

Yes, I’m making demands now. Not only do I not want you to hog the equipment, but I want you to be nice to the equipment. I purchased a stationary bike for my home once so I know firsthand that gym equipment is not cheap. Be kind to equipment and it will be kind to you. I’m sure you’d hate to be stoked to hit the gym to use your favorite machine only to find that it’s out of commission because someone was reckless. Please, exercise responsibly.

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3. Do clean up after yourself.

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough! Not always the case, but if you are sweating, do everyone else a solid and wipe your machine down when you’re done. Nobody else in the gym wants to be covered in your blood, sweat, and tears. If your gym is like mine, they supply the wipes. Do your part and get that extra cardio in by walking over to the wipes, grabbing a couple, and wiping down the machine. Much appreciated.

4. Don’t be a line skipper.

People flock to the water fountain like it’s the Fountain of Youth. This is the very reason I prefer to bring my own water to the gym. If you prefer to sip from the fountain, be polite. Don’t skip those who have been patiently waiting their turn and are just as thirsty as you are. The water won’t run out, I promise.

5. Don’t interrupt others.

When I workout, I get into it. I’m probably smack in the middle of the best jam session ever in my head while simultaneously visualizing my fitness goals. Or maybe I’m counting reps. Why on earth would you interrupt that? Working out does require some level of concentration. Be mindful of others. If you have a question about equipment ask the employees, you know, those really fit people with the bright shirts? If you’re just dying to know where I got my Nikes wait until I’m done.

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6. Don’t sing out loud.

Speaking of jam sessions, music is a great way to help keep motivated through a workout. However, prepping for your audition for The Voice while you’re in the middle of cardio country is not the place. I guarantee that you are distracting others and are probably receiving some unpleasant glances. Your singing might be great, or not, but it’s never great in the gym. Ever. Save it for the ride home.

7. Don’t use your cell phone.

On that same note, people using their cell phones in the gym can be equally if not more annoying than singing. I’m sure your life is magnificent and exciting, hooray for you. Honestly, the rest of us could live without the juicy details of your weekend excursions. Schedule a brunch to catch up with your pals instead.

8. Don’t be late.

Hey life of the party, if Power Yoga starts at noon, it starts at noon, not when you decide to show up. When you enter a gym class late you knock the flow off for everyone else while you’re trying to sneak and settle into a spot and catch up. Next time schedule that aforementioned brunch with your pals a little earlier so you’re not interrupting the class. Namaste!

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9. Don’t crowd others.

Ever been to a class that was packed? I have. There’s nothing worse than feeling claustrophobic while you’re trying to work out! Be respectful of the space of others. No one wants to smell your sweat. Your neighbor doesn’t want to tumble to the ground because you’re too close. Safety first folks.

10. Do your best.

The gym can be scary but it can also be fun when you find your rhythm. Don’t catch a case of gym paranoia. No one else is watching you workout. And there’s no judgment. If anything, your fellow gym mates will salute you and are glad you’re there. Just do your best. Commit to it. Take it one workout at a time. The results will come!