Even as a college student with a small bank account, there are still many ways you can give back to the community - both on an off campus.

If you’re a college student and can’t figure out ways to be involved with your local community, don’t fret. Even without a large bank account, any college student has the opportunity to make a difference both on campus and off.

Turns out, many of those opportunities can come from your own college campus or from your own ideas. Here are a few ways to give back to others as a college student:

1. One of the biggest avenues to give back is through student organizations.

Majority of clubs on campuses have it a requirement to provide members with community service. Depending on the type of organization, acts of altruism can be a wide range.

Greek life, department clubs, even your Housing Resident Advisors can offer multiple ideas to give back. A good tip is to join a club affiliated with your major. You can kill two birds at once!

Community service is also a great opportunity to meet new people who have the same passions as you do. Take the chance to sign-up for a few organizations and see what service you can give.

2. You can use your smarts to help others.

If you love learning and want to help others learn too, you can become a tutor! Visit your campus tutoring centers and ask for any spots for you to take. A lot of them usually have a wide range of subjects and more help is always appreciated.

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If you’ve been in college for a couple of years, you can become a mentor for the incoming freshman class. There are usually transition programs on college campuses that provide such services and they will need more mentors once a lot of them graduate.

3. If you have a strong leadership spirit and want to go bold, by all means go beyond.

You can start a school-wide food drive and deliver to local homeless shelters. If you’ve involved with the environment, you can launch a campaign to encourage recycling. Any time is a good time to start any good deed.

At a lot of universities, even during the move-out dates, a lot students at the residence halls have the chance to donate a lot of their items to nearby bins and containers to give to the less fortunate. Community service has no deadline.

4. Creativity is a great asset to community service.

Make greeting cards for senior citizens at local nursing homes. Many of them will appreciate kind words, especially from a stranger.

Maybe you can help a struggling charity by assisting with advertising and promoting their mission to the collegiate demographic.

Or if you’re a singer or musician, you can give special performances at charity events or to patients in a hospital.

5. An important thing to remember: recognize that you always have something to offer.

Each person has unique characteristics and skills that can be shared with the rest of the world. Don’t for one second think that without a heavy income you can’t make a heavy impact.

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As college students, we have our share of daily struggles and we’re finding ourselves looking for silver linings. But another good thing to remember is that sometimes we can provide that silver lining for someone else.

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