Recently, the editors of GenTwenty had the chance to sit down with the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pink and Black Magazine, Anna Taylor. Ms. Taylor is a twenty-something who is truly passionate about journalism, as well as creating a forum for young women to read, write, and talk about the issues that are relevant to them. Read about Anna’s fiery determination to succeed in a field she loves: 

G20: How old are you?

AT: 22! (Cue the Taylor Swift anthem!)

G20: What made you realize you wanted to enter into the writing/journalism world?

AT: I don’t think I ever had a moment where I thought “I want to be a journalist!” It’s just what I’ve always enjoyed doing/learning about, so I never really considered anything else. It’s a little strange, I know but all through middle/high school I loved writing and designing documents of some sort. I signed up for a journalism class as a high school sophomore and I guess that’s what really sealed the deal for me. I love writing. I love designing. I love hearing people’s stories and then sharing them. I love looking for stories and searching for cool angles. There’s not really a lot I don’t love about journalism.

It’s so funny because when I started college, I was required to have a minor since I was a journalism major. (I guess journalism isn’t enough security so there’s always plan b?) Anyway, it took me forever to find a second interest that I was passionate about. I tried photography and sociology before I finally settled for marketing, which I actually love learning about now. All of that shuffling actually set me back one semester, which is why I’m graduating this December rather than last May. I need more interests.

G20: What do you think today’s twenty-somethings bring to the world?

AT: Drive, passion, motivation, creativity… so many great qualities. We’re the ones who are hungry for success and willing to lead. We’re also eager to learn and get ahead. The only downside is there are a ton of us and we’re all competing against each other for jobs and positions, so there’s a lot of stress and pressure. But, I think that’s what keeps us motivated.

G20:  How are you using Pink and Black to reach out to women in college or who have graduated from college?

AT: Since relaunching last January, we have been trying to create content that really speaks to growing women. We’re always trying to improve the quality of our content, and I think that’s important. The topics we cover all matter to young women on some level. We just want to help each other out and maybe inspire some along the way too.

G20: What is your favorite part about being a twenty-something?

AT: Knowing that it only gets better from here. I’m young and still in college. Once I get my degree, I’ll have so many things to look forward to – searching for/getting a real job, getting married, buying a house, doing all of those things grown-ups do. I think that it’s important to always have something to look forward to because that’s what keeps you going. As crazy as it sounds, I can’t wait to be 30.

G20: A beauty product you can’t live without?

AT: I love learning about beauty and trying products out. I’m always looking for things that I really love and that work for me. The two products that I’ve come to love and have yet to find a replacement for are CoverGirl’s Lashblast mascaras (I use the orange tubes) and Cetaphil’s face wash. Both are drugstore products and are super affordable so they work great with my college budget. I’m sure they aren’t the best out there but they work great for me.

Gen20A trend you refuse to buy into?

AT: Graphic/printed leggings. I’ll just stick with my plain-jane neutrals.

Gen20: A T.V. show that twenty-somethings need to indulge in this Fall?

AT: I’m so disappointed in all of the new shows coming out this fall. To me, they just seem mediocre. But, the one that looks the most promising is Joss Whedon’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ if you’re into the whole super heroes thing. As for me, I’ll probably just stick with comedy and watch ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ I’m also anxious to see how ‘Glee’ plays out.  

Gen20A stereotype about today’s twenty-somethings that you truly hate or disagree with?

AT: I hear a lot about how Gen Y is so much lazier than older generations, mainly because of the Internet. Not all of us are lazy and some of us require Internet access to do our jobs. So there.

Photo via Anna Taylor’s personal collection