Sunday Scaries: Find yourself with a knot in your stomach on Sunday for the weekend ahead? Here's how to prepare yourself for the week.

The “Sunday Scaries” are the worst. They’re that feeling you get on Sunday evening (or, tbh, afternoon) when you think about your impending return to work or school and feel a tiny, gnawing bite in your stomach.

It’s probably safe to say that everyone has felt them at some point in their lives or career. Sometimes they’re slow and creep up on you once you wrap up brunch, take a look at the clock, and wonder how it’s already one o’clock. Sometimes they’re fast and suddenly it’s time for dinner and you’re struck with a lightening bolt of anxiety. You’re faced with heading back to work in the morning and for some reason, week after week, the thought starts to ruin your weekend long before it’s really over.

If you reach Sunday and constantly feel a sense of dread and frustration towards the week ahead the best advice would be to find a new job or hobbies so that you’re actually looking forward to the week.

However, if we’re being realistic about most people in the world and in the workforce, that isn’t always an immediate option.  So let’s assume it isn’t, and that there has to be another way to beat these beastly blues.

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If you’re currently facing a case of the “Sunday Scaries” there are a few things you can do:

1. Go Chore-Free

I tend to save all my chores for Sunday. I go grocery shopping, do laundry, and attempt to clean the house. I realized that after a while if the only things you have planned are ones you don’t necessarily love you won’t exactly look forward to the day.

If you can, save your Sundays for fun only. Go to brunch with your friends, plan a hike, stroll a local farmers market, work on something that makes you feel engaged and challenged, anything but fighting people in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. Unless that relaxes you. If so, have at it sister.

2. Make it About More Than Work

Monday morning is as bad, if not worse, than Sunday afternoon. For most people it means back to early mornings and bad office coffee – I get it.

Instead of imagining the sound of your alarm blasting you awake at 6:00am, set it for one hour earlier and go for a walk. Listen to your favorite podcast or read a book. Take some time to make your mornings about more than work and more about setting the tone for your day and you might find yourself looking forward to that early morning alarm more than ever.

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3. Get Some Exercise

(LOL, I know. I hated writing that as much as you hated reading it). However, as someone who recently discovered spin and has worked out more consistently in the past 10 months than I have in 23 years, I can attest that it really works.

I plan my classes for Sunday morning and fuel my entire day with buzzing endorphins. I recommend finding something that you really, really enjoy. Whether that means an evening walk with your dog, a fancy Pilates class and a green juice, or kicking booty in a boxing gym, doing something active can clear your mind and set you up for success in the coming week.

4. Get Social

Every Sunday night my roommate and I invite a friend over and watch the previous week’s episode of The Bachelor. Yes, we spend the entire week avoiding spoilers online, but it’s a great way to reconnect and unwind before the week kicks off again. Plus, we still get to spend the night lounging in pajamas but we do it together and spend less time wallowing in our fear of Monday morning.

Any combination of these tips can be a great way to rediscover your Sunday bliss and banish the weekly blues. However, depending on the reason you’re feeling this way they might not be a long-term solution.

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Ultimately, if you wake up every Sunday with dread in your stomach and a cloud hanging over your weekly brunch table it might be time to consider why you’re so unhappy.  Is your new boss condescending and dismissive of your ideas? Are you underpaid and frustrated by the thought of working your booty off all week only struggle to pay your bills at the weekend? Do you perhaps just not like the work you’re currently doing? Whatever the reason, addressing the problem is a lot easier when you actually know what it is.

What do you use to calm your mind and prepare yourself for the week ahead? Let us know in the comments!

By Holly Howson-Watt

Holly is a recent San Diego State University graduate and a current talent acquisition specialist. By day, she is obsessed with exceptional organizational culture, passionate about talent development, and always reading a book. By night, she is on a mission to educate, encourage, and empower young professionals starting out in their careers. Connect with her on Twitter.