To do list

Being productive is hard, isn’t it? We always seem to have these big expectations of how our day is going to go, but things always come up. Unexpected events get in the way and the day seems to get away from us. That happens to me all the time. I think I have a good plan for my day, then it just slips through my fingers faster than sand.

So, as a twenty-something, how can we make our days more productive? How can we increase our productivity to accomplish more things? Well it is different for everyone, but there are little things that can be done to make that happen.

  1. Get as much as you can done in the morning – I’ve always heard that the most successful people get things done in the morning. It allows you to have more time in your day to fit things in and you aren’t putting things off. I have to be at work at 8:30 a.m. and I am definitely not a morning person. To combat that “I’d rather be wrapped up like a burrito” feeling, I’ve been starting to pick up my apartment when I wake up. Put dishes from the dishwasher away, clean up my bathroom as I’m using it, and prepare my stuff for what I’m doing that night. It makes a huge difference and doesn’t take a lot of time.
  2. Allocate time for mindless things – For example, checking your Facebook or Twitter while at work. Make sure you set specific times to do this, say 10-minute time slots. That way, you aren’t wasting away the day when you should be working. It keeps your mind on track knowing that at a specific time you are able to check social media.
  3. Prepare your breakfast and lunch the day before – This is huge for me. If I don’t do it the night before, when I wake up late, I end up grabbing half a chocolate bar that is sitting on my kitchen counter as I’m rushing to leave. This is not only unhealthy, but I’ll be hungry way earlier than normal.
  4. Set small goals for the day – If you want to get your laundry done that day, write it down. Need to go to the bank? Write that down too! Setting little goals and writing them down keeps your day and mind on track, and helps you accomplish what you want instead of forgetting about it and having to do it later.
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These are the biggest things that help me keep my day as productive as possible. It gets hard for us twenty-somethings to stay on track and get the most out of our day. New jobs or school can take a lot out of you, but thankfully there are small things that can help you stary productive. You will feel better at the end of the day as well, which is a win in my book!