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Did you know that one in four women will experience domestic abuse over the course of her lifetime? Domestic abuse includes everything ranging  from physical abuse, to emotional abuse, to sexual abuse, and financial abuse. These instances are far too common and we all need to do what we can through empowerment, education, and funding efforts to make a difference.

The truth is that relationships can be very complicated and it’s difficult to know what’s truly happening from the outside looking in. It’s hard to know what is okay to bring up and what might make the situation worse for the victim without proper education or resources. From experience, I know it’s terrifying to watch a loved one live with an abusive partner and not know how to help.

Domestic violence and financial abuse vary in the signs, though there are many that are recognizable. In my experience, the person might not realize that they are in an abusive relationship, especially if it doesn’t involve physical violence. They may deny it or look the other way, sometimes making excuses for their own or their abuser’s behavior. Other times, the victim may feel they “deserve” the situation, making it even more difficult to reach out to them.

I am passionate about raising awareness for this cause and Allstate Foundation Purple Purse because I had a relative who was trapped in a relationship because of financial abuse.

The abuser would show up at her job and demand her paycheck before she even had the chance to get in the car after her shift. Many times, the abuser would “borrow” her car so that she couldn’t go anywhere or leave the house. It became an endless cycle of her trying to find her own two feet and leave only to return to the relationship out of fear, lack of financial education, and various psychological factors and barriers.

In 99 percent of all domestic violence cases, financial abuse is the number one reason victims stay in or return to an abusive relationship. Financial abuse is an invisible weapon, creating dependence on the abuser and making it difficult, and nearly impossible, for women to safely leave this type of situation. The statistics support this escalation as the majority of homicides occur as the victim tries to leave the situation, making it even more important that women know that there are resources available to them.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is taking a stand against financial abuse and working to empower women with financial education and resources by supporting local, state, and national fundraising efforts.

While you can’t rescue someone from an abuser, you can open the conversation and provide them with resources, knowledge, and support. I strongly encourage you to learn more about the statistics and warning signs of the types of domestic abuse. Simply starting a conversation with someone can lead them to the resources necessary to improve their situation.

To support these fundraising efforts and make a donation, visit for more information.

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