Organizing your unorganized life

Maybe some would disagree, but I’m sure most of us can agree that being lost in disorganization isn’t a positive feeling. When you have fallen down a deep hole of disarray, it seems extremely daunting to climb back out.  But it is possible with a little grit and determination, I promise.

Being disorganized is like a disease that only gets worse with time.  First, you forget to write things down, then you miss major events or deadlines, and before you know it, you are falling behind in your work and personal life because of these snowballing habits.  It’s a tough road to go down, but we can all become organized with a little work and preparation.

I, for one, will admit that I’m not the most organized person out there. I forget things all the time, I don’t have set places for things in my home, and I seem to take on too much at one time.  If you’re like me, never fear!  There is hope for us.  I’ve witnessed people who  have revamped the way they organize their lives, so I know that anyone can get back onto the organization train.  Here are a few ways to go about it:

  1. Start with little things – Each week, do one small thing that improves your organization. It could be anything from keeping a notepad in your purse to dealing with emails as soon as they come in.  As soon as you are in the habit of using your planner or keeping track of emails, then build on that with another small goal.  Starting with small things one at a time helps you create good habits and puts your plan for organization into motion.
  2. Get a friend on your side – Implementing any kind of new habit or behavior is always easier when a friend who is doing it with you.  Recruit someone close to you, like a friend or a coworker, who also wants to begin the journey to an organized life.  Your friend can keep you motivated and accountable to maintain these new habits.
  3. Calendars are your best friend – When you have a hectic life like most twenty-somethings, it’s paramount to have a calendar to keep all your events and tasks in line. With work, hobbies, dates or appointments, it’s easy to lose track of all the places you have to be. Putting it all in a calendar will make sure you don’t forget another appointment or coffee date with a friend.
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No matter who you are, you can always become more organized than you currently are. Once you get stuck in the chaos of disorganization it takes a little bit of elbow grease, but you can get out and start feeling like life has fallen into place again. Your brain will smile and so will your heart. You will breathe a big sigh of relief and be able to focus on yourself again.

What are your secrets to organization success? Share them with us in the comments section!