Generation Social - Est Your Social Media Identity

Your twenties are a time of self discovery. You may rethink (or reaffirm) your values and beliefs as your life changes. You may decide you want to change career paths or move to a new city.  From year to year, you can transform your opinions or broaden your ideas. But how does that translate to social media, where your opinions are publicly recorded? While posting on Twitter and Facebook, you may seem inconsistent and flighty when your opinions change. How do you define yourself in this period of flux? The answer is to act with intention.

You may or may not know it, but you have a social media identity. Everyone does! Whether you are sarcastic, bubbly or creative online, your statuses and tweets say something about you. Since users have unique posts, everyone creates a different online presence. Despite different goals, all twenty-somethings should aim for consistency and engagement on social media. With these two focus areas, millennials can establish reliability and a close social network.

Check out these top five tips for establishing your identity online:

1. Create a brand voice document. What are your career goals and areas of interest? Define those and explain your role online. Outline things you’ll avoid on social media and companies you want to connect with. Organizing your thoughts will help you get a better sense of online identity.

2. Clean up your act. Remember those embarrassing photos, tweets or updates you shared? Go ahead and remove them now. Delete anything that will paint you as a bad potential employee. (That means cursing, party pictures and online diatribes!)

3. Connect with industry professionals. Do you have any admired role models or companies who use social media? Follow, like and connect with them! Introduce yourself and engage in conversations. Reach out regularly to the professionals. In turn, you’ll establish strong relationships.

4. Find an area of expertise. Have a particular passion? Read up and become an expert. Establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional by engaging in Twitter Chats (here are our top five Twitter Chats for millennials) and writing articles. Soon clients and companies will come to you for your advice!

5. Be kind. This may seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of social media users lash out at each other. Always avoid negativity. If giving criticism, provide areas of opportunities. Avoiding complaints will show humility and maturity in your online identity.

What’s your online identity? Share your thoughts on digital branding in the comments below! 

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