As we end March and enter into April, signs of Spring are peeking around every corner, waiting for us to embrace it with open arms.  And, as GenTwenty celebrates its first full month as an online magazine, we’ve chosen to provide you with an article fit for the upcoming seasons! Warm temperatures are on the way, so what does this mean? 

It means it’s time to go green!

Yes, that’s right!  When we say “go green”, we want to encourage you to take this time in your twenties to pay attention to the world around you and become concerned with ways to save the environment.  Now, we realize that as twenty-somethings, you might not know where to begin with this or even know what you could possibly do. No worries: we’re here to help. Whether it’s going green to celebrate this year’s Earth Day (which, in case you’re wondering, is on April 22) or to better yourself, there are many ways to help our green Earth! 

Planting an herb garden in your backyard is a great way to get in touch with Mother Nature. Not only does it remind us where our food comes from, but also it’s helpful when you’re looking to cut costs at home.  A packet of seeds for the garden costs next to nothing. If you don’t have an outdoor space to garden, you can purchase an inexpensive herb kit to put on a window sill.

Order some reusable bags to use when you’re out shopping.  You can find reusable bags relatively anywhere – many stores, including Target, will even give you a tiny discount when you use reusable shopping bags.  If you’re feeling crafty, make your own!

When you leave a room, turn off the lights.  This should be common sense but, really, it’s not.  If you don’t have an issue with this, your roommate or significant other might forget to turn the shine off when exiting a room.  This saves energy and utility costs each month (such a reward, right?).

Speaking of paying bills and cutting costs, eliminate your paper trails and pay your bills online.  Most companies are switching to this type of system, so you should, too!  View your statements and pay your monthly bills online without having to mail anything out. You can simplify your life and save some trees along the way. There’s nothing better than that!

Unplug your chargers (for phones, computers, etc.) when you’re not using them.  Again, this will save you some moolah and is very energy savvy.  You can also do this with any appliances around the apartment, dorm room or home (whichever fits your life). If you can, replace your light bulbs with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs available at any mass retailer. Another tip: Replacing your shower heads and faucets with low-flow fixtures will help you waste less water (and lower your utilities bill).

Recycle! Since you already have to take out your trash, taking out recyclable items is hardly any extra effort. Many apartment buildings and communities have recycling programs that will help you determine what exactly is recyclable.

Moving in the near future? Keep your eyes peeled for green living communities. These residences boast “green features,” which include eco-friendly building materials, a rooftop garden, energy efficient appliances, ample natural lighting and energy efficient windows.

It might seem like taking a shorter shower or using a reusable water bottle won’t make a difference, but trust us, it does. If you’re looking for other ways to save the environment this month, search for eco-friendly blogs and websites around the Internet.  One of my favorites is called TreeHugger, which is more than your average eco-loving blog.  Look for websites like this (and more) all over for more tips on how to become that energy-efficient, earth-worshipping twenty-something you so aspire to become.

By: Gina Oursler | Photo Source: FundingGates


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