One of my financial goals for 2017 was to donate to charity regularly. So far this has been going incredibly well as each month I’ve picked a cause or fundraiser and donated to it. It makes me feel good to give back to others and causes I care about.

On top of donating, I’ve been thinking more about the ethics behind the companies where I spend my money, as well as the causes and organizations that they support. I’m still working on this but I am beginning to make it more of a priority than before.

That’s why when Elevita reached out about their monthly subscription box, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

In their own words, “Elevita is an all-volunteer nonprofit with a mission to help underprivileged artisans in developing countries find a market for their products.” The name of the company is fitting, too, as “elevita” means “lifting lives.”

What makes Elevita unique is that they are a volunteer-based nonprofit and 100 percent of the profits from their sales go towards funding meaningful humanitarian projects, particularly education-focused projects.

As a company, it is Elevita’s goal to connect artisans with worldwide markets to support themselves and their families. They artisans they focus on in particular are those who have access to limited markets, groups who work towards educating women and girls, those in distressed areas, and those who are handicapped or marginalized.

The shop features handmade goods from artisans in Cambodia, India, Peru, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Beyond selling handcrafted items individually, they also have a monthly subscription box that costs $30 per month and comes with three exclusive items.

Here is a peek into May’s box:

The items come in a nice, sizable drawstring bag. May’s is black, white, and gold.

The first item is wallet made my Sok Chan, a Cambodian wheelchair-bound woman who uses native fabrics to create purses and wallets to support herself and her sons.

I like the shape of this wallet and know it will come in handy for traveling.

The second item comes from Frank Cajumban who makes his living to support his 10 children through woodcarving.

Each item comes with a thank you card that introduces you to the artisan who made the item and tells you a little bit about their story. I really loved this aspect of the box because it shows how your purchase is making a difference to others who use their talents to create unique items.

The final item this month is a beautiful pair of earrings from Lani Adalla of Pearls with Purpose. Based in the Philippines, Lani has been creating this unique and special jewelry to lift her family out of poverty.

Even if every item in every box isn’t for you, they make great gifts because they are so unique.

If you want to get your own box, the May box is available for order until May 15th right here. After that, the items will change to a new exclusive selection available in the June box.

What was your favorite item from the May box? What are some of your favorite ways to give back??

We were provided with the items featured here for media purposes.