I waited two hours for a guy to show up for a date.

Dating is rough for a single girl in her twenties. This latest dating disaster story I have to share with you is not a recent one, it happened almost a year ago now.

I met this guy–we will call him Steve–at a country music concert through a mutual friend. He was super cute and I had just been dumped, so I figured why not get back on the proverbial horse? We shared a kiss and a dance together, but nothing really went anywhere after that night.

After a couple months, he finally got up the courage to get my number and ask me out. I was excited to get to know him a little better since we would be walking down the aisle at our mutual friend’s wedding. We made plans to grab a drink one night while he was in town.

I got ready and headed over to the bar we had decided on. He called me just as I parked my car, telling me he was stuck in traffic and would be a little late. I told him “no problem,” and went inside to grab a drink and a table.

I waited 30 minutes and he still hadn’t shown up.

Around that time, I got another text from him saying he had to stop by his place to shower and change. Another 30 minutes went by and… he still hadn’t shown. At this point I was texting our mutual friend because I was trying to figure out what to do. Should I wait or just leave?

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She told me that I should leave and forget about him.

I decided to wait until I finished my drink when someone came over to talk to me and keep me company while I waited. I guess he liked me because he ended up asking me out. At this point I realized it was time to leave if I was getting asked out on another date while I was supposed to be on one. I had been waiting close to two hours at this point.

I gave the new guy my number and left the bar.

As I was about to text Steve that I was leaving, he walked up. He told me he was sorry and asked if I still wanted to have a drink. I figured, why not? Even though I had waited 2 hours, we were already there. This night couldn’t get any worse, right?

I spoke too soon.

The rest of the evening wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. We had a drink at a different bar and attempted talking, but there was nothing between us. I am not sure if it was the fact that I waited as long as I did, that he was super late, or that there was just no spark between us. Either way, the date was a bust.

I almost got stood up for a mediocre date. In the end, though, there were no hard feelings because we saw each other at the wedding and everything was fine between us.

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The lesson I learned from this date… never let a man make you wait–especially for a mediocre date. Every girl deserves better than that.

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Have you ever almost been stood up or had to walk of a date?