5 Creative Ways To Document Your Summer

Summer is a great time to make some memories as a family. Whether you have 100 things on your summer bucket list or you want to kick back and relax all summer, there will be plenty of opportunities to take some great pictures and document this time.

Kids grow up way too fast and I bet there have already been times when you’ve kicked yourself at how many missed opportunities there are for photos. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just go back in time every one in a while to capture some of those moments? Maybe it would also be nice if you were a little less sleep deprived too!

Here are some fun ideas to help you document your summer. Don’t miss out on the chance to capture any of those great moments this summer!

5 Creative Ways To Document Your Summer

1. Give your kids a journal

I started keeping a journal when I was very young and now I get a real kick out of going back and reading some of the things that I wrote. There’s no way I could have remembered some of those things if I hadn’t written them down. Give your kids a chance to keep up with their writing skills through the summer and document some of those family moments at the same time by giving them a journal to write in.

2. Take a photo a week (or a video everyday) 

It’s so much fun seeing how kids change over time. So many of us are terrible at taking family photos, but maybe you wish you had more casual pictures of all your family together so you can capture a glimpse of your daily life. Set aside a day each week to take one quick snapshot. It will be so much fun to look at all the different pictures at the end of the summer. Put them together in a photo book to make it easy to look back on your summer memories.

We also recommend using the 1SE (One Second Everyday) app to capture the little moments in a one second video clip. At the end of the summer (or the year!) you can mash all of the clips together for a beautiful video memory.

3. Hand the camera to your kids

It’s always fun to see things from a child’s perspective. It’s amazing seeing the photos your kids take because it gives you a glimpse into their world and the things that are important to them. Maybe your daughter ends up taking 50+ pictures of her blankie the next time she has access to your camera. One thing’s for sure, those photos will make you laugh every time you see them.

4. Take action shots

Maybe you have a tendency to take too many posted shots – those aren’t nearly as interesting as catching your kinds in action. A GoPro is perfect for catching some great action shots. You can attach your GoPro to the front of your daughter’s tricycle or your son’s skateboard and the pictures you’ll get will be amazing. The GoPro HERO+ LCD has the convenience of a touch display, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connect so you can share photos directly to Instagram or Facebook.

5. Make a family scrapbook

You don’t have to be the craftiest person in the world to make a scrapbook. It’s great to look back through scrapbooks and see the memories you have from fun events you attended as a family and photos of the exciting things you did. It’s amazing to look back on all those things and remember how much fun you had.

Do you have any other fun ideas for documenting your summer?