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Why We Should All Have A Creative Side Project

Why We All Need a Creative Side Project

I have just started working at my new job. It is the first time that I am working a full-time 9-5 type of job and I am loving it so far. But I am already panicking about being able to accomplish all the things I want to do with much more limited time than I’m used to.

It is a fear of mine that I will forget about the little and big goals that I have for myself. I worry that I won’t consistently feel motivated, because of the stress and busyness that comes with a career. I know it’s all about finding the motivation to do these creative projects in my spare time, because they can be done and should be done.

We should all make the time for creative side projects that have nothing to do with our career. I want to spread my encouragement to you so that I can, in turn, motivate myself to continue to pursue my own.

Our day jobs shouldn’t define us completely. I think we should all stretch beyond the work that we are required to do every single day. Sometimes we do have our dream career and love what we get paid to do, but even then, we should be working on something completely different on the side.

We put ourselves last in a lot of situations like work, relationships, family, and our home. Those things always seem to be our first priority. But we all need to be working on something that doesn’t please someone else. We should be using our brains for our personal missions too, right?

Whether it’s learning to snowboard or taking piano lessons, we could all use a side project that we’re passionate about improving and accomplishing. Something that doesn’t have a deadline, but that we do because we want to accomplish it for ourselves.

Get Your Creativity Flowin’

Whether we are more right-brained or left-brained, we all should be using a little bit of our right brain. I believe it’s vital to your life that we have a balance between the two. If you are working a job in accounting, you’re using a lot more of your left side. Creative side projects allow you to use some of the right brain that you might be forgetting to put to use.

Challenge Yourself

When you accomplish a project that you created simply for yourself, there is no greater feeling. Sure, we feel a huge sense of accomplishment when we finish something at work. But to accomplish something, not because it is expected of you, but because you pushed yourself to do it, that’s incredibly special. It’s those personal challenges that create growth.

Do it for You

We need to be making choices in our lives that are just for us. Not because we feel like we should be doing it, but because we want to. How many side projects have you considered taking up? How many of them have you actually followed through on?

I know I am not alone in this. We use excuses like, “I don’t have time” and “I’m so busy.” And it’s true, when we work hard during the day, we want to relax completely at night and on the weekends. We have lots of responsibilities that take away the time we long to do other things. We have to start prioritizing our own personal goals and work to make them happen regardless of our schedule.

Do It For Your Career

While I said earlier that it is important to do things just for yourself, it also betters you in your career to work on other projects. We all need an outlet where we don’t feel the pressure as intensely as we do at work. We need something that drives us and keeps us motivated to work hard. Knowing that we can come home to work on something that we love doing in our spare time helps with the stress we feel day to day.

How ever busy you are, make time for the things that make you into a better, more well-rounded person that you visualize yourself to be. We all have our bucket lists and things we’ve always wanted to do. Let’s make the effort to make them more of a priority.

What side projects have you been meaning to start?

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Nicole is a California State University, Fullerton grad with a B.A. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. In her free time you can find her reading, drinking iced coffee, blogging, and going to the beach. She hopes to one day own a social media marketing company.


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