5 Creative Date Ideas for Couples

You and your honey have never been happier and Friday night is approaching fast. But what do you do when the date is up to you and you’re out of ideas?

Here are five unique and creative date options that are super flirty and full of fun:

1. Relive the love.

Remember the thrill of getting dolled up and stepping out with your crush for the very first time? Relive the good ol’ days by experiencing your first date all over again (minus the nerves). Do exactly what you did so long ago, getting really into it by replicating your outfit choices and re-asking those typical “getting to know you” questions. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve already learned about each other, and how much you still don’t know. It’s guaranteed to give you all the feels.

2. Cozy camp.

Forget about the dark, the dirt, and the grime, and spring for a date that’s sure to ignite a fire. Set up an indoor campsite by building a blanket fort, or utilizing a small tent. Light a few logs in the fireplace, tell each other stories, and put a romantic spin on a classic outdoor treat by indulging in gourmet s’mores. For an extra special touch, place glow-in-the-dark sticker stars on the ceiling and go “gazing.” You’ll soon be gazing right into each other’s eyes.

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3. Progressive dining.

Why dine at one restaurant when you can dine at three, four, or even more? Begin this marathon of munching by enjoying appetizers at a favorite hangout. Move to a different establishment for the main course, and so on and so forth until your hearts are as full as your bellies. We say food is the food of love.

4. Nerf wars.

Every relationship should be kept on its toes… Plan a “relaxing” movie night with your baby-love-love and when (s)he isn’t looking — ATTACK! Have a spare gun available and get ready to rumble. Dress up like ninjas (think black and warpaint), turn on your favorite spy tunes, and do whatever it takes to win the battle. You’ll capture their heart for sure.

5. Creamy creations.

Ice cream may be the typical sweet treat daters love to eat, but what about make? Show your sweetie your creative side and have fun concocting your own ice-cream a la Cold Stone. Begin by shopping for your favorite base flavors, mix ins, and toppings, then head home and get to work! Pump up the competition by challenging each other to come up with the dreamiest, creamiest treat.

Dates don’t always have to include fine china and rosebuds. Sometimes all it takes is a healthy dose of creativity and a fancy for fun. Incorporate these ideas into your next special evening and bring on the love, and a whole lot of laughs!

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