How to Create Your Personal Brand with Allyssa Kaiser, Branding Expert

We’re experts in social broadcasting. But brand-building isn’t just about sharing photos on the ‘Gram. Creating your personal brand takes time, effort, intention, and a deep level of understanding of your personal values.

From Snapchat selfies to tweets and statuses, our generation has become well-versed in creating social content. Unfortunately, the way we share content often fragments our personalities.

On Facebook we’re fun-loving and carefree. On Twitter, we’re a thought leader. On LinkedIn, we’re aspiring professionals. But depending on how someone connects with us, through what channel, they may only get part of the story.

The objective of personal branding is to develop a consistent, credible, and compelling persona. A good brand presence transcends beyond channels and connects you with others that share your interests and ideals.

What sets you apart from your peers?

Personal branding starts with discovering your unique potential, a blend of professional and personal values that differentiate you from others. Often times, we try to blend in with others, but acknowledging what makes you different is core to building your brand.

Similarly, strengths and weaknesses can help define your brand. In most professional reviews, your supervisor will consult the opinion of your colleagues and team members to learn about your performance. During reviews, you’ll get a holistic understanding of your talents. Thinking strategically about what you bring to the table is a good first start to establishing your brand.

What’s your life mission?

George Bernard Shaw has been attributed with the quote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Defining your personal mission (how you describe yourself and your ideals) is the second piece to defining your personal brand.

My life’s mission is to be a woman with grit, to live with undying determination in everything I do. Notice that nowhere in my mission statement do I call out my current job or current interests. Your life mission does not need to build off of “today” however it should tap into your passion points or values.

Go to any Twitter profile, and you’ll usually see descriptors like “family man,” “sports fanatic,” “coffee lover,” “entrepreneur” or “beauty addict” in a user’s bio. Understanding what you stand for and what matters to you is instrumental to your personal brand.

What are you an expert in?

Your personal brand helps establish credibility and leadership and shows your peers, colleagues, and connections that you are knowledgeable about a particular field.

A core part of my brand is my knowledge of the latest greatest trends and changes in the advertising, social media, and technology verticals. Being seen as a “SME” (subject matter expert) positions yourself as a trustworthy partner for your clients, colleagues, and your company.

So, get started.

Now is the time to get started on building your personal brand. Select a channel, discover your “it” factor, define your personal mission, and start sharing. Happy Branding!

By Allyssa Kaiser

Allyssa Kaiser is an Account Supervisor at integrated advertising agency, ROKKAN.

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