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As I've gotten older, my health has become more and more important to me. Here are 3 things I started doing this year to help me reach my health goals. #NatureMade #IC #ad

Most of us start out the year with good health intentions on our minds. Especially after we spend approximately mid-November to the end of December overindulging in sweet treats and home-cooked meals, neglecting our workouts in favor of cozy evenings in and brunch.

This year I wanted to make some changes to my health and wellness routine that would eventually become habits. I finally visited my doctor for an annual check-up (something I had been neglecting for way too long). Ultimately, my goals this year are to:

  • workout 3-5 times per week
  • get to sleep before midnight every day
  • make (and go to) all of my necessary doctors appointments
  • eat a healthy diet and fill in my nutritional gaps
  • make time for self-care

That said, here are 3 things I’ve done this year to make sure I stay on track with creating healthy habits out of my health goals.

1. Fitting in fitness: Midday workouts.

I used to workout at night, generally after 10:30 pm, but I realized that working out so late kept me up later–something I desperately wanted to avoid this year. Getting my heart pumping 3-5 times a week is really important to me, both for my fitness goals but also to help manage my anxiety.

Working out in the middle of the day might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. It might be more suited to your schedule to wake up and hour earlier and hit the gym or to fit in your workouts right after work or even go to the gym late at night. Once I realized midday is the perfect time for my workout, I’ve been able to stick to my workout schedule much more easily than ever before.

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My best advice is to pay attention to how you feel throughout the day. I like to wake up, have coffee and breakfast, get some work done while I digest my oatmeal, and then hit them gym for an hour or so. I don’t like to workout on a empty stomach, and I get to eat lunch right afterwards, and as a bonus, I am freshly focused for the afternoon ahead.

As I've gotten older, my health has become more and more important to me. Here are 3 things I started doing this year to help me reach my health goals. #NatureMade #IC #ad

2. Filling in the gaps: Taking vitamins.

I’ve always been a multi-vitamin kind of girl, but at my annual check up this year, my doctor recommended extra vitamin D for my bone health† and B vitamins for cellular energy production†. I live in Seattle, and as my physician told me, our grey and rainy winters tend to leave many PNW residents with low vitamin D levels. So I was off to purchase my additional vitamins.


Picking up the additional vitamins my doctor recommended me.


I pay close attention to what I put into my body, and choose to shop locally and organic as often as possible when it comes to my food. It makes sense to me to also take high quality vitamins, too. Growing up, my family has always used Nature Made vitamins, and it’s a brand I stick with in adulthood as well. I picked up my Nature Made vitamins at Walmart. I’ve always found Walmart a great place to purchase healthcare products because they are reasonably priced and a good value–especially for the amount of vitamins you receive. Nature Made is a top quality, best-selling brand of all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and supplements* and is the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand, winning out in 9 major categories.** What more could you want out of your vitamins?

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I also discovered that the Nature Made Daily Boost program offers extra tips and activities that make health and wellness easily fit into your busy day by sharing an extra dose of encouragement and motivation to keep your health from falling to the wayside.


Vitamins play a key part in my health and wellness routine.

3. Better sleep: No screens.

It’s no secret that the light our laptops, TVs, and phones emit disrupts our sleep/wake cycles. At the beginning of this year, I stopped watching TV and using my phone and laptop a full hour before I intend to be asleep. It’s been challenging not to scroll through Instagram before I fall asleep, but I ultimately know it’s for the best.

Without having my phone to scroll through or a TV show to watch, I’ve been finding myself reading before bed. This not only helps me fall asleep faster and reach my sleep goal (eight hours, if you were wondering), but I’ve been making huge strides toward my reading goal, too. If I’m well-rested, it’s so much easier for me to eat healthy, stick to my workout routine, and make choices that allow me to truly take care of myself.

Fitness isn’t always fun, and sometimes ice cream is far more appealing than a spinach salad, and I’m all for balance, but I’m also for taking care of my body and health while I’m young. I’d rather take small steps like taking vitamins and cutting out screen time before bed now than having to deal with the repercussions later.

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† This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
*Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 1/02/2016, for the xAOC Market. Copyright © 2016 Nielsen.
**Based on US News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey, Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand in Nine Categories – Letter vitamins, Omega-3/Fish Oil, Coenzyme Q10, Flax Seed Oil, Herbal Supplements, Cholesterol Management-Natural, Garlic, Diabetic Multivitamins and Mood Health Supplements.

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