I love Halloween.

Witches? Skeletons? Ghosts? Wizards? Vampires? Give it all to me.

As a kid I loved trick-or-treating. As an adult, I love decorating my home to be all out for Halloween.

But this year, Halloween is going to be different. Less children (if any) are going to be trick-or-treating due to safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Halloween parties will either be non-existent or much smaller. This is not going to be the same Halloween as in year’s past. But we are still going to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic!

As we have been doing all year, we will adapt. And those of us who love Halloween and still want to celebrate it, will find ways to do so. Here are some easy ways that you too can celebrate the Halloween season.

6 Celebrate Halloween During The Pandemic

1. Decorate your home. 

What better way to get into the Halloween mood than to absolutely surround yourself in it? If you usually decorate it, do your normal thing, and maybe take it up a notch with more decorations than ever before.

If you have never decorated for Halloween before, now’s the perfect chance to! We are all spending more time than usual in our own homes, it’s the perfect time to decorate it into your very own Halloweentown.

Plus, as many of us are working from home, you can use this time to decorate your “office” for Halloween for the first time ever. Your coworkers may appreciate seeing decorations in the background of your Zoom call, too.


2. Watch your favorite Halloween movies and shows.

Freeform does their 13 nights of Halloween and you should too! In fact, make it into 31 nights of Halloween and start watching Halloween themed movies and shows starting from October 1st (if not before that!).

From Halloweentown to Nightmare Before Christmas to Casper to Hocus Pocus there are so many you can choose from (that Freeform will likely be airing continuously). Or for the real terror seekers, watch the Halloween movies or Freddy vs. Jason or the Exorcist. Really set the mood by watching it in the dark, with just the light from your decorations on.

You could play Halloween music to get you in the spirit! Or read some Halloween books if you don’t want to watch movies every night.

3. Have a movie night.

You don’t need to go out to celebrate Halloween, you can stay in and do so, too! Call up your family and or friends (within the limit your state is letting you have in a gathering, of course) and invite them over for a Halloween movie night.

Binge watch some of the ones listed above or do a mix of fun Halloween and scary Halloween. Have some themed treats out (can be as simple as the orange Halloween Oreos) and maybe a signature cocktail that is orange or black in color to really make it feel like a fun movie night.

4. Still dress up.

Why wouldn’t you still dress up if that’s what you usually do? I get it, you can’t go out and show off your costume. But… you can digitally. Dress up and post pictures on social media or create that Halloween TikTok you’ve wanted to. If you can’t get together in person to have a costume contest or costume party, have one virtually with your friends.

To take this to the next level, rather than just having one costume, have more than one and switch it up… maybe even have a different one for every night of movies you decide to do.

5. Have your own trick or treat.

Especially if you have children, turn your home into a neighborhood by turning different rooms in your home into different places for your children to trick or treat in.

If you are comfortable, invite some family and/or friends over as well and give them each an assigned room. Your children can then knock on the door, still say trick or treat, and get their candy. If you do not have children, you can still do this with your friends or just leave Halloween candy in every room for you to enjoy whenever you are in that room!

6. Invite a few friends over. 

Of course, this one is only if you are comfortable doing so. Downsizing and having a party on a smaller scale, or even just a simple Halloween themed dinner, with a couple of close friends or family is another way for you to still celebrate the season.

You can make your food, drinks, or dessert Halloween-themed if desired. To make it more fun, tell everyone to bring their favorite Halloween treat with them. Nonetheless, you will be surrounded by your Halloween decorations!

Halloween this year is going to be different than year’s past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it in a different way — whether that different way be virtually with your friends or just on a smaller scale in your own home. It’s okay to still dress up if you want, and you should! We are going to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic. Trick or treating might not work out, but don’t let your Halloween spirit get cancelled too.