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Unfortunately, in the current climate, a fulfilling long-term career is far from a certainty for anyone, especially those of us who are in our twenties with decades of work still ahead of us. That means that we need to do anything we can to increase our odds of success.

Luckily, when you’re in the workplace in your twenties, you learn a thing or two about improving your options. Here are just some of the career lessons you’re likely to learn at this stage of life:

1. Concentrate on Adding Value to Your Company, Rather than Yourself

It’s only natural that you might want to blow your own trumpet or always be on the lookout to make the working week go smoothly for you, but if you want to really get ahead, move up the career ladder and nab that dream job of yours, you need to focus on adding value to the company you work for, instead of looking for ways to make life easier or show off, right now.

If you add real value to your company by generating new ideas, improving efficiency and generally being an all-round reliable employee, you will get noticed for all of the right reasons, and you will be at the front of the line when promotion time rolls around.

2. Continuing Education is Important

You might think that, because you’ve graduated from college and you finally have a paying job that doesn’t involve retail, you can put your student days behind you, but eventually, you will come to realize that, if you want to get ahead, you have to keep learning, so that you can do more and move with the times.

Whether you enroll in an online mba program or take a programming class in your spare time, the more active you are at acquiring new skills, the more attractive to bosses you will be. This will improve your odds of being promoted like few other things can.

3.Work-Life Balance is Important

After you’ve been in the world of work for a while, you will come to realize that spending too much time in the office, trying to be a people pleaser will leave you burnt out and unable to complete the task at hand quite as well as you should.

Not only could this actually be detrimental to your future career, but when you get older, you’ll look back on your twenties and wonder why you wasted so much time taking up other people’s slack when you could have been having fun, exploring adult life and working on your own personal goals.

4. Mistakes Make You Stronger

When you’re trying desperately to impress the boss and climb the ladder that leads to your dream career, every single mistake you make, no matter how small, can feel like a punch to the gut, but eventually, you will realize that mistakes are your greatest ally.

If you can take mistakes in your stride and learn something from them, you will emerge a stronger, better employee and your bosses will notice this.

If you are able to learn these lessons and learn from them now, your future is set to be a whole lot brighter!

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