If social media stresses you out, you're not alone! Used with intention, social networks are AMAZING resources for growth and connection. Click through for 5 ways to use your social media completely stress-free.

Most of the time twenty-somethings use social media recreationally. Some of us may use it for work, but most of us use it for fun. After all, if we have a few minutes to kill, it’s nice to pull up Facebook and see what other people are doing. But have we ever thought that social media might be stressing us out?

Previous research has shown that social media can be stressful for a number of reasons. It might have to do with the ubiquity of social media in our lives. If we don’t check our social media accounts often, we have a fear of missing out. We also may also feel like we have to make our lives seem great online or compare ourselves to others.

Finally, when we don’t get interactions (such as ‘likes’ or ‘favorites’) on our posts, we can also feel bad about ourselves. Sometimes it can be worse to spend time on social media when it stresses us out.

So how do we de-stress from social media? All it takes is a little self control and a positive attitude.

1. Set a time limit for social media use.

The more we browse, the worse we can potentially feel stressed. Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t suck up all of our free time. We should be productive on the sites, then log out when we’re done posting or messaging. Browsing should be kept to a minimum to avoid a social media spiral. Using social media deliberately will likely help our stress levels.

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2. Actively communicate with others.

Twenty-somethings often silently watch others post about their lives. They may intimidate us with their seemingly cool lifestyles. This could hurt both our online and offline friendships.

Instead of quietly envying others, we should look for making connections. Instead of doing that, strike up a conversation and try to befriend them. Communicating with friends or strangers is more useful than simply monitoring them!

3. Skip social media before bed.

There’s nothing worse for a racing mind than social media before bed. Skip the phone or laptop and read a book instead. It will be much easier to fall asleep without being logged on. The best way to unwind is to put the phone away at least 30 minute before going to sleep.

4. Unfriend or unfollow accordingly.

Sometimes social media stress comes from specific users online. There might be a Facebook friend we have who often posts rants. Or someone on Instagram who posts too often. If we just don’t want to see posts anymore, we can easily unfollow them on Facebook or mute them on Twitter.

But if it’s time to part ways, we can unfriend or unfollow negative people with ease. Sometimes removing people from our online social networks is a necessary thing.

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5. Maintain a positive outlook.

We don’t need to be perfect on social media. It’s okay to talk about a bad hair day or a missed opportunity. That’s part of being human. Social media shouldn’t be strictly a place for negativity. If we can skip complaining online, we’ll probably appreciate it later. Too many complaints on our accounts can give off the wrong impression.

Social media is an amazing tool for connecting with friends, family, and strangers — both near and far. Does social media ever stress you out? How do you deal with it?

What do you do to unwind from social media? Share your ideas with!