Wake up. Head out for a morning run. Take a shower. Eat breakfast. And grab your double macchiato, right? Wrong.

There are so many coffee drinks out there that are packed with sugar and other ingredients that will actually slow down your day. You might feel a kick of energy but then you’ll come down from that sugar high making you feel crumby the rest of the day.

But, you still need your coffee right? Not all coffee is bad for you. If you’re not a black coffee drinker, but you need some flavor added, Bulletproof Coffee could be the perfect go-to choice for your morning routine!

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

This trendy morning pick-me-up has been around for a couple years now, but really only picking up on social media for the past few months.

It all started when Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, traveled to Tibet. While there, he drank hot tea mixed with yak butter. When he returned to the states, he wanted to put his own spin to it by using high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter and coconut oil. And thus Bulletproof Coffee ® was born.

Once this trendy coffee choice hit the social sphere, it became super popular on health, fitness, and weight loss channels. People saw increased energy, more less sugar crashes, and more stabilized diets.

Having a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning allows your body to receive healthy fats that energizes your body naturally. It’s a great way to jump start your burn for the day too!

Why Should it be Part of Your Morning Routine?

Your mornings just got a little sweeter with Bulletproof Coffee! The three ingredients that go into Bulletproof Coffee are: coffee, grass-fed butter or ghee, and brain octane oil (a medium-chain triglyceride).

The benefits of starting your day this way are abundant. The healthy fats will improve your mental clarity, reduce hunger, increase your fat burning ability, and support your hormones.

It might not be for everyone, but it’s absolutely worth trying! There is some debate on the precise ingredients that go into Bulletproof Coffee. Some argue that you must use brain octane oil, and others say coconut oil is just fine. I personally fall into the latter camp, but it’s really up to you to make that decision for yourself!

Why is grass-fed butter better?

Most butter today is a substitute for olive oil or something a little bit healthier while cooking. Bulletproof Coffee uses grass-fed butter, which is made from milk produced by cows that graze amongst the grass.

Does that sound crazy? I thought it did at first too. But it turns out that grass-fed butter provides lots of vitamins compared to ‘normal’ butter. Grass-fed butter is also known for storing naturally occurring fatty acids that helps reduce body fat mass.

Why do you need oil if there is butter?

There is a lot of debate over the type of oil that needs to go into a proper cup of Bulletproof Coffee. It’s meant to be made with brain octane oil, but others say coconut oil works just fine. The choice is really up to you.

I choose coconut oil because it has many uses for cooking, soothing, pulling — you name it! Adding the coconut oil to the coffee is because it’s a healthy source of energy that stimulates your metabolism. Anything that triggers your metabolism, I’m in!

How does Bulletproof Coffee trump other coffee choices?

Healthy fats, fatty acids, and vitamins that kick-start your morning should make you really excited about enjoying your morning coffee a little bit more.

The combination of butter, oils and coffee allows your body to feel energized for several hours after consuming it whereas a normal cup of coffee provides that for a short amount of time. Not only are you practicing healthy habits, but you’re getting a delicious morning cup of joe that’s creamy and not bitter!

Bulletproof Coffee will be your favorite choice of coffee, trust me! All you need a blender and the 3 ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a creamy cup of healthy goodness!

Have you ever tried Bulletproof Coffee?

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