Christmas presents

Christmas is almost here and we are certain you still have a select few people to buy for; maybe you haven’t even started shopping yet! You don’t need to fret – we’re here to give you five fantastic holiday gift ideas that will fit any budget!

1. Baking Box
A super easy DIY gift that will maybe cost you at most $20. All you need for this present is: cupcake holders, sprinkles, tools for icing, maybe some food coloring, and really whatever else you feel like putting in a holiday tin. You could print off some baking recipes to give it a more personalized touch if you like! You can also check the baking isle at your local grocery store for more ideas.

2. Photobook from Instagram
Pinstagram is a rad new website that allows you to put some of your favorite Instagram pictures together into a collage, book, poster, or even stickers. It’s quite affordable with some of the mini books only costing $6 plus shipping! This could end up being a really fun project and a very personalized gift.

3. Passport to Love
This gift is one of our personal favorites, and would be best suited for a significant other. The cost is absolutely free other than some paper, glue and probably a printer – depending on your creativity level. The Passport to Love was created by The Dating Divas and the just of it is to send you and your significant other around the world in a year. We say around the world loosely because really you are planning a new date night for each month that has a specific country as the theme.

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For example, one of your date nights could be “Germany”: perhaps you will go and test drive German cars with your partner and then head to a pub for some German beer. How you personalize it and what countries you choose is up to you. The Dating Divas have some great printables available that you can use to make a passport for each of you!

4. DIY Gift basket
Gift baskets are so fun to make and you can really fill them with as much or as little as you like. Another great thing is the ability to customize them for each specific individual. Do you have a health nut in your family? Head to a nearby organic store and create a basic bag filled with organic products they’re sure to love. A wine and cheese basket or chocolate and nuts would also make great combinations. All you really need to do is identify something the person you are making the basket for is into. Wrap your basket up with some cellophane and you’re good to go.

5. Personalized Mugs
Everyone has seen the personalized mugs with the individuals first initial on the mug, well now instead of shelling out $11.75 for each mug you can make your own for about $1.50. Head to the dollar store to pick up a couple mugs and some stickers to stencil on the letters (pro tip: make sure you use a darker colored sharpie). Then bake the mugs in the oven at 425 degrees F for about 30 minutes and voilà, beautiful handmade mugs! Fill these with marshmallows and hot chocolate mix and you have the perfect gift to keep a friend warm on a cold day.

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