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The full spoilers for Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style have just been released! This is one subscription box I quite like because the items are of a higher and more luxury quality. 

Like with all subscription boxes, I haven’t always liked all of the items. And I do think this box is a bit pricier with a $99 per season price tag. 

But I will definitely say it is one of the trendiest boxes out there. The items are curated by Rachel Zoe herself and tend to feature quality and name brands.

You can sign up for this season’s box here! Or get a year’s subscription with a $50 discount — your choice!

Box Of Style Spring 2020: FULL Spoilers, Reveal and Reviews

1. Shiraleah Arden Tote (Retails for $74)

I have had a bag from this brand before and it was nice quality! I eventually passed it on to my sister but from experience, the brand is quality. You’l have to decide if this style is for you or not! 

2. BaYou With Love Oval Chain Bracelet (Retails for $195)

This is the priciest item in the box. Coming in at a whopping $195, it is surely pushing the overall value of this box up.

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The bracelet itself is quite beautiful, though! I definitely feel like it will class up almost any outfit. It’s simple yet elegant, statement yet classic.

3. Erno Laszlo Hydraphel Skin Supplement (Retails for $68)

This product is meant to hydrate the skin — which I don’t know about you, but is something I could absolutely use right now. I am very excited to try this product out!

box of style

You can sign up for this season’s box here!

4. R+Co Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion (Retails for $29)

This is lotion for your hair which is meant to leave it shiny and manageable per the brand’s website. I do have a plethora of hair products thanks to subscription boxes. 

This isn’t a big draw for me personally but after dealing with postpartum hair regrowth, I’m open to trying anything.


5. DIFF Eyewear Bella Sunglasses — Choice Item (Retails for $85)

I am SO excited for these! I am a huge sunglasses lover. You will almost never catch me without a pair. I’ve been wanting to try some from DIFF but just haven’t gone through with it yet.

For this item, we can choose between black and tortoise — I’m leaning towards the tortoise frames personally. 

DIFF Eyewear has a beautiful selection of sunglass to choose from on their website as well!

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box of style spring 2020

Overall I do think this is a pretty good box, especially if you grab it with the discount! I’m probably least excited for the bag and the hair product, but who knows — maybe they will pleasantly surprise me! 

You can sign up for this season’s box here! Or get a year’s subscription with a $50 discount — your choice!