Does autumn make you feel a little bit blue?

The days are shorter and colder, we don’t get to see the sun as often, and the whole world becomes grey and sad at once. In such conditions, it’s easy to fall into the trap of autumn blues, shut your door and wrap up in a blanket in the hope of better times awaiting.

If you’re about to do just that – and, consequently, delve into the pit of darkness and sadness – you have to know that there is still hope for you.

What You Can Do to Lighten up

Indeed, autumn might be a little bit depressive, but in reality, it’s all about what you can do with this time. And there are many ideas for that.

Fall weather typically does not encourage people to go out and be particularly active, but you can still be sporty indoors. Try meditation or yoga; those can help you clear your mind and gain physical and mental balance. If you insist on staying on your sofa, you might watch a documentary on Netflix about something you have no idea about. That will enrich your mind and soul and make this time more enjoyable.

You can also go outside and take beautiful photos – trust us, even though it might be cold, nothing looks prettier than yellow or red trees in the park. And there’s nothing healthier than a good hike!

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There is one more incredibly delicious way to make your autumn a little bit sweeter. One word, four letters: food.

Just think about fall, with its orange leaves, hot coffee, and warm woolen sweaters. How does autumn taste to you? Think pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, pecan, brown sugar… The imagination itself brings so many flavors.

Now add to it whipped cream, organic chocolate chips and delicious frosting… oh-my-god. Don’t you agree that autumn is a perfect season for desserts? If you’ve got a sweet tooth – just as we do – roll up your sleeves and head straight to the kitchen.

Autumn depression? Canceled! The perfect autumn homemade dessert is waiting for you.

The Best Autumn Dessert

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Peanut Butter Oreo Cake.

The only thing better than peanut butter is peanut butter with something sweet. While we all know the symphony of tastes of the exquisite peanut butter and jelly composition, not many are aware that the sweet element added to the butter can be anything we want, including popular snacks. Hence, to prepare something with peanut butter, you might want to mix it with KitKats, crushed Hershey kisses or your favorite cookies. We decided to go with Oreos, because of their one-of-a-kind flavor.

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Oreo cookies are typically a perfect snack for the whole family. Now you can surprise your relatives with their new version in this delicious recipe. It’s also super easy, so it will take you approximately up to an hour and a half. Encourage your partner, children or friends to help you in the process – you’ll see how fun it can get!


  • 20 chocolate cream Oreos
  • 3/4 cup of butter
  • 1 3/4 cups of crunchy peanut butter
  • 3/4 cup of sifted icing sugar
  • 3/4 cup + 3 tablespoons of chopped dark chocolate


Melt 5 tablespoons of butter and combine it with crushed Oreos. Put the mixture into a 10 inches baking tin; spread it on the bottom, as well as the sides of the tin, and let it chill for half an hour until it gets firm.

Then, in another bowl, mix peanut butter and icing sugar. Add it as the next layer to your tin.

Put chocolate and remaining butter in another bowl. Next, hold the bowl over simmering water until the chocolate and butter melt. Stir it until it melts completely and then let it cool down. Put the mixture as the next layer of your cake and let it chill for half an hour until it gets completely firm.

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To achieve a more autumn-y, Halloween-y look, you can decorate the cake with fondant pumpkins and edible candy eyeballs or any other decoration of your preference.

And done! The best autumn dessert is here. Easy, right?

We all know that fall might be a slightly depressive season. To not become a complete couch potato, especially in a time of pandemic and quarantine, it’s always good to find yourself a hobby that would be both useful and fun. Such a hobby might be baking and trying out new recipes; this can make your day more productive and tasty at the same time.

Although our Peanut Butter Oreo autumn cake works perfectly for us, remember that the magical world of desserts is all about exploring. Trust us, there’s nothing better than experimenting with food and coming up with your own recipes.

The key to making this season as delicious as possible lies only in you and your own imagination. Bon Appétit!