What could be better than saving money on things you were going to buy anyway? These 10 apps will help save you money

There are few things I love more than saving money on items that I would normally have to pay full price for. Over the years I’ve collected a list of websites and apps to save you money in your day to day life:

1) eBates – This website allows you to get cash back on items you purchase from online stores. Once you hit a certain threshold, they will cut you a check. How sweet is that?

2) Checkout 51 – This app offers you cash back on new grocery and alcohol items each week. Simply scan your receipt and tick off the items you purchased. Once you hit $20, you will see a check arrive in the mail.

3) GasBuddy – This app will find all the gas stations within your radius and report to you the cost of gas at each station. That way you can strategically plan to hit up the gas station with the lowest cost!

4) SuperDuper – Beauty hacks galore! This app will help you find better deals on expensive makeup.

5) FourSquare – Check in to your favorite restaurants to receive discounts and special offers.

6) Open Table – This app and website allows you to make dinner reservations and receive points. Once you hit a certain number of points you will be sent a check to use at an OpenTable restaurant!

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7) Wi-Fi Finder – This app does exactly what it says and allows you to find Wi-Fi in your area. Great for travel when roaming fees will cost you a lot.

8) Happy Hour Finder – Find yourself and your friends some drinks for cheap! This app outlines all the great beverage deals in your area!

9) Digit – Digit helps you save money when you won’t notice it. It automatically transfers money to your savings account when you make specific purchases. Your savings account will be flourishing before you know it.

10) Apples2Oranges – Ever wonder if your food would be cheaper in bulk or not? This app helps you determine just that. It will tell you which is cheaper and where you should buy it.

11) BONUS: Swagbucks –  Earn points called SB by shopping online, taking surveys, searching the web, playing games, and using coupons. Redeem your points for gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Get a free $5 bonus when you sign up here!

Happy Savings!