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12 Hip (and Totally Affordable) Ways to Welcome Summer

Summertime. Who isn’t filled with excitement and warmth at the very sound of the word? It means barbecues, the beach, and um, what else? No need to worry that June will fizzle into boredom and monotony. Here at GenTwenty we’ve drawn up a diverse list of fabulous ways to keep the summer months full of leisure and festivity. Enjoy!
1. Host a garden party
Whether you’re looking to inspire a Southern belle feel with delicate china and cucumber sandwiches or a twenty-first century gal with spiked lemonade and Bagel Bites, this is a sure way to kick off the summer! Don’t have a sprawling green lawn and patio on which to hostess? Purchase day-old flowers from your local florist and fill your apartment with the sweet scent of summertime. Hint: Some of the least expensive blooms out there are also dramatically stunning. Think gladiolas, sunflowers, poppies, roses, and gerber daisies.
2. Mix up a refreshing elixir
Sure, you could skip over to your favorite mixologist’s haunt, but there’s just something special about whipping up your own poison. There are websites that let you search for drink recipes based on what you’ve got in your cabinet, but if you’re feeling footloose and fancy free, just pick any recipe based on the name and see whether it tastes as good as it sounds. Make it a girls’ night, a date night, or a solo celebration!
3. Create your own! 
As enjoyable as it is to shake, stir, and create an original mess, my favorite part is naming the concoction. Recently I came up with the name beforehand and then tried to manufacture my drink according to its title. The result wasn’t perfect, but it sure was fun!
4. Have a water fight
The variations are endless: A squirt gun feud a la girls against guys, water balloons with the little siblings, good old fashioned splashing in the pool with your best buds… Take your pick. It’s summer, and all’s fair in love and war!
5. Pick a polish
If you’re like me, you’ve got a fresh coat of polish on your little piggies year-round. However, there is something undeniably seasonal about finally getting to bare your pedicure in a stylish pair of flip flops. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a professional paint job — these little bottles from Sephora pack a punch of high pigment color sure to get you feeling some summer lovin’.
6. Ditch the treadmill 
You had an excuse when the great outdoors looked like a scene from Frozen, but let’s face it: Seventy-five degree days are not the time to be holed up inside panting like a hamster on a wheel. Break out of your boring winter routine and put a fresh spin on staying fit. Swim, hike, or even just run through the sprinkler!
7. Go with the flow 
Transition your wardrobe into the warmer months by opting for stylish, loose-fitting clothing. The maxi dress is sticking around, floaty tanks are everywhere, and you can never go wrong with a romantic sundress.
8. Make your own ice cream
Nothing spells summer like an icy sweet treat! The best thing about this tasty classic? Making your own means that dietary restrictions can be worked with. Whether gluten-free, Paleo, or vegan, there’s an option for every sweet tooth.
9. Have a bonfire
Marshmallows, friends, a couple of beers, sing-a-longs, and that smokey scent lingering in your hair: The essence of summer.
10. Nosh on summer staples
Talk about tasty, guilt-free snacking! This time of year is ideal for hitting up your local farmer’s market and stocking up on seasonal fruits and veggies. Try incorporating berries into a smoothie or fresh cukes into a cool summer salad. Your diet will never know what hit it.
11. Ditch the smart phone 
You don’t have to spend every moment of vacation enraptured by nature, but refreshing your Facebook feed six times a minute isn’t a great option, either. Why not lose yourself in a good story? Goodreads is an excellent resource if you need novel suggestions (pun intended). Currently I’m kicking off with The Death of the HeartThose Terrible Middle Ages, and InStyle. Check out our Book of the Month pick!
12. Plan a sleepover!
Remember when no school meant it was time to stay up ’til the wee hours of the morning listening to N*Sync and painting your friends’ nails? Who said that had to stop once your age stopped ending in “‘teen”? Grab your best buds and prove that you can still swing a mean pillow.
The thrill of summer does not end with grade school, and with a list of ideas to celebrate every week of the season, what’s not to love? Now stop planning and start doing!

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