Running is one of those things that people love to hate. It’s a lot of work, but the benefits are indescribable. Getting outside in the fresh air with nothing but your thoughts, breaking a sweat while keeping your mind and body healthy. Yet, that is hard to do when you don’t have the right gear.  The question we commonly get: what keeps you going?

Finding the motivation to run is one of the toughest things to overcome. Even on the best of days, getting out there and putting your body to the test is tough. Trying to reach your limit while fighting with your own doubts. I think we all know how important being fit is, but for many, getting started is the toughest part. There is some gear that can help you keep your motivation up, however.

One of my favorite things to have on me while running is a pedometer. This is a little device that tracks your distance and your calories as well as your steps, plus more depending on the brand you get. Nothing makes me more excited then tracking my progress along the way. This little device goes with you any time you hit the pavement. It’s so fascinating to compare your goals to the numbers that are shown after each run.

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Sometimes you need to see those cold hard facts to know that you are improving, especially with long distance running. Seeing the progress you have made is much easier when you are able to keep track of every run. I don’t know about you, but my memory is far from great and being able to while keeping track of my endurance is such a relief. Not to mention the fact that we are busy enough being in our 20s. Our minds are spinning in a thousand different directions and to be able to have such a good grip on our fitness goals in amazing.

Another benefit of using a pedometer is that it helps you to change your way of thinking in regards to your daily fitness.  You’ll soon notice that you’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, you’ll park a little farther away at your local grocery store, and you’ll push yourself that much harder during a run. These are the little things that make a huge difference in your health and using a pedometer is a great stepping-stone to get there. It’s like a little personal trainer in your pocket. We all now how busy our lives can be, especially in our 20s and having all the right tools to be help you be healthy are such a great bonus.

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Pushing yourself to be your best while improving your overall health is something everyone wants. Having the right gear is an important part of the process. Being able to do your best, while feeling your best.  A pedometer is a great way to help you get there.

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