There are many things in today’s world that we don’t pay attention to when we are buying them. We see them in the store assume the price listed is the price that you have to pay. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Originally, this post was supposed to be a list of five items you shouldn’t pay full price for, but once we started to make the list, we couldn’t stop.

So, below is a list of seven things you really shouldn’t be paying full price for, and if you are, you should look into alternatives – you’re welcome.

1. Bank accounts.

Pesky fees are so passé. If your bank is charging you a monthly fee, ask them if there is a way to get this waived or even lowered.  Many banks offer student discounts or discounts if you have multiple accounts with them.  Some may waive fees if you maintain a minimum balance. If that fails, don’t be afraid to switch to a bank that doesn’t charge you monthly fees at all.  Believe us, they do exist!  Pro tip: often times, credit unions have fewer fees than traditional banks and offer better benefits.

2. Groceries.

 This may seem like an odd one, but there are so many coupons available each week to help decrease your grocery bill. On top of all the coupons available, there are apps like Checkout 51 (Canada only) that offer cash back on certain items each week. There’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg if you can cut your bill down significantly. Don’t be afraid to shop around either, some items may be priced lower at drugstores instead of places like Walmart and Target.

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3. Credit card fees.

 Credit card fees go hand in hand with bank fees – you shouldn’t be paying for them! Call your credit card company and ask for your fees to be waived or switch to a card that has no annual fee. If you aren’t using the maximum benefits of the card, reading the fine print can definitely save you a few bucks.

4. Online shopping.

 Online shopping has allowed us the convince of being able to shop from home. It’s fantastic – and the internet also allows us to use online promotional codes and sites like Ebates that give cash back on purchases. Ebates allows you to earn 1 to 10% cash back on your purchases. Additionally, some of your credit cards may have online shopping programs that allow you to earn extra points or cash back just by shopping through their links.

5. Vacations.

 Lots of twenty-somethings love to travel, and as many of us know, it can cost a pretty penny to see some of the world’s beauty. But it doesn’t have to! Booking discount travel on Expedia or using flight searching programs like Momondo can help you find more affordable travel that will save your budget.

6. Books.

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Buying books second-hand is a great way to save money.  Best of all, you can resell your books when you’re done if you keep them in tip-top shape! Signing up for a card at your local library is another great way to cut costs on reading. You can borrow a lot of great books that will feed your literary cravings.

7. Drinks.

Over-priced drinks are a huge drain on your budget. Most restaurants have drink specials on many nights of the week and those are things you should be taking advantage of.  Websites like Drinkowl can also help you find great local deals in your city.

What do you refuse to pay full price for?  Tell us in the comments below!