Twitter Chats

Our love for Twitter grows everyday. We try to participate in as many of these chats as we can to connect with some of the greatest minds of our generation.

In 5 Twitter Chats for Millennials, we featured chats that mainly focus on career growth and development. This time, we’re highlighting up-and-coming chats that are perfect for connecting with creative, open-minded, and driven twenty-somethings. Check out the ones we’ve discovered so far and let us know what your favorite chats are in the comments!

1. #fireworkpeople

Who: Hosted by @ashleybeaudin

What: A Twitter party for creatives and entrepreneur-minded folks who want to make an impact. Expect lots of encouragement, dream sharing, and deep conversation in 140 characters. More info is available here.

When: Tuesdays starting at 9 pm ET

2. #PABGirlTalk

Who: Hosted by @PinkandBlackMag

What: Pink and Black Magazine is for twenty-somethings who are working towards the life they want with a pop of color. Past topics have included: your first job, first dates, what’s to love about fall, health and fitness routines, and heading back to campus.

When: Thursdays starting at 8 pm ET

3. #TheFireStokers

Who: Hosted by @justjessmay

What: This chat is all about nurturing and fueling the fires for meaningful and rewarding relationships – whether that be with lovers, family friends or ourselves. 

When: Mondays at 8:30 pm ET

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4. #TipsyChat

Who: Hosted by @tipsy_writer

What: Megan from TipsyWriter, a blog for productivity, organization, motivation, relationships, and overall success, hosts this weekly chat that covers topics from personal growth, career development, achieving financial independence, and more. Check out past topics here and join the chat when you have the chance – they’re a welcoming group!

When: Tuesdays at 8:30 pm ET

5. #BlissChat

Who: Hosted by @mscharissamoore 

What: For the business owner and blogger-turned-entreprenuer, #blisschat is a growing community of individuals seeking to build successful online businesses. Past topics have included blog post writing, product naming, service offerings, and effective twitter bios. See more topics here.

When: Thursdays at 9 pm ET