Twitter Chats for Millennials

Twitter is an explosive resource for networking and communicating with other like-minded individuals and companies. Read: If you aren’t on Twitter, you should be.

Over the past few months, a slew of Twitter Chats hosted by various millennial groups and millennial-loving individuals have popped up. Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve come across:

1. #MillennialTalk 

Who: Hosted by @ChelseaKrost and @MillennialTalk

What: An all-encompassing chat for millennials covering topics like personal branding, content creation, crowd funding, freelancing, defining relationships, building financial independence, and goal-setting. Features special guests and experts who answer questions related to the current topic.

When: Tuesdays starting at 8 pm ET


Who: Hosted by @kter218  and @CareerMeh

What: A career chat for millennials focused on taking their careers to the next level. Past topics include first day on the job, why you’ll never get rich working for someone else (entrepreneurship), and essentials for the interview process. Features special guests.

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month from 8-9 pm EST

3. #InternPro 

Who: Hosted by @YouTern

What: An open career-focused discussion covering topics related to millennials entering the workforce.

When: Mondays from 9 pm – 10 pm ET

4. #Ambitionista

Who: Hosted by @MiraJohnson

What: This chat is for ambitious women in their twenties who are determined to create their own opportunities. Topics include: how to find your passion, finding your confidence, making money doing what you love, and being an independent woman.

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When: 1st Monday of every month at 6 pm PT

5. #GenYChat

Who: Hosted by @GenYChat

What: An intergenerational chat discussing a variety of topics from a generational perspective.

When: Previously every Wednesday at 9 pm ET, currently on hiatus

What Twitter Chats do you love to participate in? Share with us in the comments!