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Investment can be a tricky subject to approach, especially given the range of investment choices which are available today. Investing for the future means putting money into an asset which is likely to steadily rise in value in the long term, as opposed to short term investments which tend to be in far more volatile markets, like forex.

Here are some of the most effective, common long-term investments available:

1. Gold/Precious Metals

Known as a safe haven asset, gold has a reputation for being a fairly safe bet when it comes to investment (as do silver and platinum). Since its core value rarely decreases, it is often used to hedge portfolios against riskier investments, making it a great potential candidate for long term investments.

Another reason it has garnered this reputation is that it provides a safety net in times of economic crisis (such as currency devaluation), and its value is often seen to sharply increase when the economy is in a bad way. 

2. Stocks and Shares

Although they can be volatile at times, purchasing shares from the right company could prove incredibly beneficial in the long run. This does require a lot of research, as choosing a company which will be profitable for years to come term is essential to making a steady profit from the investment.

Investing in smaller businesses/startups is risker, but can end up yielding excellent returns if the company becomes successful, as their shares could greatly rise in value. It is, however, usually only the select few, or ‘smart money,’ who manage to spot the potential in such companies, so it is usually better to stick to the more well-known brands if inexperienced in this area.   

3. Property

It has been well documented that property is one of the most lucrative investments going, as property prices have been on the increase for many years. It is now common for people with spare money to put it into bricks and mortar, as their investment has a good chance of bearing fruit further down the line.

Of course, it is still worth monitoring the investment, as the property market bubble may well burst in the future. That being said, it is unlikely that property prices will go down any time soon, and the added bonus is that spare properties can be rented out for even greater returns.   

4. Bitcoin

One of the most exciting and talked about investment options is bitcoin, the online cryptocurrency which is taking the world by storm. Bitcoin exists solely in the digital sphere, and in 2017 alone has undergone an exponential rise in value. Its value is determined solely by supply and demand, and demand is currently a long way ahead of supply. 

A forex tutorial could be useful in helping prospective bitcoin investors get used to the market of bitcoin, as lack of regulation and the fact that it is decentralised make it extremely volatile.

These are undoubtedly some of the best long-term investments to consider. Some are risker than others, however, so creating a diverse portfolio and researching investments thoroughly is a must.

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