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3 Ways to Rock Your Social Media Rebrand

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Rebranding is a hot word in the business world, and we see many young bloggers and twenty-somethings tossing it about on social media these days, but what is it exactly?

Branding in business.

Companies have brands names that they’re responsible for. It’s when you put out a brand name on a product or symbol that will make it instantly recognizable.

Examples include the check mark for Nike or the silver apple icon for Apple. When we see those images, we think directly about the companies they’re affiliated with, we know what they stand for, and what exactly it is that they do.

How does this affect my online presence?

Branding extends beyond companies. Plenty of twenty-somethings have caught on to the idea of personal branding, whether it be through their own website, blog or service. It’s an easy way to get your name out there and earn a reputation online.

Let’s say that we’ve had our name out online for a while now. We have a LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and Facebook page. But now, we decide that we no longer identify with and embrace our current online persona, and we want to rebrand our image online. How would we do that?

Luckily rebranding is a common thing. For bloggers, entrepreneurs, and you, rebranding is a process that often happens organically every few years. We like to refer to it as personal growth–your interests are changing, your career goals have developed, and you aren’t quite the same person you were when you first signed up for Twitter or purchased your domain name.

Rebranding can come in the form of a new logo or a shortened Twitter handle. For new logos, you can use this free logo maker from GraphicSprings. Some choose to rebrand the name of their blog or business just to their name. Rebranding comes in a variety of forms. As long as you stay consistent after your rebrand, it will be a success.

When you do decide the time is right, there are a few things you can do to ensure a successful rebrand:

1. Decide if it’s really worth it.

If we have established social media accounts online, or we’ve made a business surrounding a particular name, rebranding may be a challenge. Sometimes rebranding will make us seem wishy washy. Other times some followers or peers will miss the memo that we have rebranded. Rebranding is a personal decision, but it should be done with purpose.

To do this, evaluate your current brand and where you would like to go. If the change is a complete 180 from where you are now, it might be confusing to your followers and customers, and as a result, you will lose some of them.

Keep your readers and customers informed of your decisions through blog posts or your email newsletter. Keep them updated and let them know they are important to you during this process. Avoid announcing anything until you are 100 percent sure of the changes you will be making.

Chances are they will support your efforts and decision because it feels right to them too.

2. Be consistent.

If we do decide to rebrand, we should make sure our name is the same across all channels. We should have the same name on all social media accounts along with any other multimedia we have.

Nothing will confuse people more if we don’t update everything. The new name, colors, tagline, etc. should be reflected on everything going forward. Be sure your readers can recognize you and your brand on all of your platforms.

3. Plan it thoughtfully.

Rebranding is not a simple process. It requires you to think carefully and thoughtfully about what your name and brand represents. You need to decide what is important to your brand and what is not.

In essence, you want to make it count.

If you’re ready to take the necessary steps for a rebrand, it may also be extremely beneficial for your success to invest in a graphic designer or branding expert. Consider asking a focus group for feedback on your ideas and new brand. While your blog is yours, you are writing for your readers; it’s your online portfolio but it’s what visitors see and how they react that will make you or break you. Always keep your audience in mind while creating your brand.

Have you rebranded before? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

About the Author

Molly Berg

Molly is a graduate student at UGA studying mass communication and public relations. Her interests include social media, marketing research, traveling, writing, and networking.


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