20 Little Things - Summary

Well GenTwenty--it has been quite a month! After making 20 little changes to my daily life, I feel so much better. Before I dive into my summary of the entire project, I think it’s important to pay attention to my social week goals.

Summary – Social wellness goals
I again had wonderful timing for this goal, it being Thanksgiving and all, so I was able to see many of the people I was going to have phone dates with in person (which was wonderful). I also made sure that I limited my time online so that I was socializing with the people in the room with me and not the ‘people’ online. I spent more time having quality interactions and I felt that I grew closer in a lot of my relationships-even over the course of a week.

Something very serendipitous happened this week though, GenTwenty. I thought it was interesting that my aunt actually brought up a social health issue to me, not knowing about my current project. My paternal grandmother is mostly homebound and she reminded me and the rest of my family about the importance of contact for her health as well. Especially as the holiday season rolls around, please make sure to keep in touch with all members of your family! Sometimes in the hustle and bustle it’s hard to remember why we are all so stressed-it’s for each other. Save yourself some stress and pledge to make a relationship stronger instead of killing yourself trying to find the perfect gift. It could be the best gift you’ve ever given.

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Summary – 20 Little Things
Wrapping this journey up, I have to say I’m a little sad to see it go. While I will continue to make these improvements to my life I know that part of me will miss sharing this adventure with all of you, dear readers. I’m feeling so much better–I have more energy and I think that I’ve gotten the pep back in my step and the glow back in my face. It’s weird looking back and seeing what my life looked like a month ago. Some people might not be able to see the change but I can notice it.

I only hope that you’re journeys were equally as fulfilling. Please let me know if you have any questions about my 20 little things, or if you’ve started your own!