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20 Little things: Introduction


Dear readers, full disclosure: I’ve been feeling pretty gross lately. I promise that I’m not referring to hygiene. I’m just referring to a feeling I’ve been having lately that I’m not living as well as I should be.  Please notice that I didn’t say healthy – I said well. Let’s all take a trip back to freshmen year health when we learned about wellness.

I’ve decided to embark on a path to wellness by doing 20 little things. Each week I’ll be laying out what area of wellness I’ll be working on and the five little things I’ll be doing to work towards living better. At the end of this month I should, in theory, feel better overall just by doing 20 small, simple, and easy things. I’ll also be talking about how I feel before I start my improvements and how I feel after making said improvements. I encourage you to take this journey with me, or modify it to suit your own needs! I’m excited to embark on this little experiment and I’m so thankful that GenTwenty is a platform for it.

This first week will focus on physical wellness. I figure that this is a good place to start since I see the most need for improvement here. My five little things are:

1.      Modifying my sleep schedule.

2.      Going to the gym or working out at home three times a week.

3.      Drinking more water and drinking less of everything else.

4.      Eating less processed “gross” food and feeding my body what it needs.

5.      Actually eating meals and not snacking excessively throughout the day.

This sounds simple enough, right? These are small steps that I think will vastly improve the way I feel.

How do I feel right now? Well I’ve been sleeping way too much (yes, this is a thing) so I’ve been feeling pretty groggy and generally unmotivated. The thing about it is that I know this is bad! Oversleeping is link to depression among a host of other health problems, so I’m going to stop hitting snooze five times and get up and do things … like going to the gym. I need to get back in this habit research has shown that as little as ten minutes of exercise can make you happier and who wouldn’t like to be happier? Mood-wise I’m feeling pretty content, but less energetic than I’ve felt in the past. Some of this may have something to do with my diet. I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of having “snack” meals–which basically means that I’m not setting regular times for myself to eat and I’m in a state of constant “grazing,” which is not okay. I’m also not eating the healthiest snacks (popcorn does not count as a “meal”).

So, I’m going to work on changing these bad habits into good ones over the next week and report back on how I’m feeling and any roadblocks that I may have stumbled upon. Please let me know if you have found any tricks for better living that you would like to share or if you are going to begin your own wellness journey. See you next week!

How’s your journey to wellness going? Comment below!

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F. Lee

F is a graduate student who enjoys knitting, baking, theatre, The Boston Red Sox, being sassy, and roller derby. She is pursuing a career in mental healthcare and hopes to help and advocate for the LGBT community.

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