Wicker headboard

Whether it’s swapping out a few accent pieces or undertaking an entire bedroom (or apartment!) overhaul, a few quick and inexpensive updates can completely change a space. Even on a tight budget, here are several easy projects you truly can do yourself!

1) Make a statement headboard

2) Update plain pillows

3) Make quick wall art

4) Repurpose coffee filters for a floral arrangement that lasts forever

5) Make your old furniture look better than new

6) Revamp your painting technique

7) Make the most out of tight spaces

8) Get organized

9) Make it personalized

10) Create a focal wall–without the wall

Re-doing a space doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. With just a few creative projects, it’s easy to transform your space into something truly beautiful, functional- and personal!

What are some of your favorite Pinterest-inspired home DIYs? 

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