10 Apps to Kickstart 2015

I don’t know about you but the New Year makes me want to reinvent myself. In that process, comes several things – your health, finances, organization, goal setting, hobbies…just to name a few.

I’m the type of person who loves to be and stay organized, and motivated while doing so. I love my paper agenda that I get to come home to everyday and fill out. I love sitting down once a week and planning out my week ahead. But there are times when I don’t have it with me and so I use my agenda app on my iPhone. Which comes in handy when I’m on-the-go and busy!

Then I have my fitness apps that help me stay on track on track with my healthy eating and working out, and of course the very cool built-in step tracker in the new iPhone 6, which I happen to have. These are so great to save everything and easily browse through your history of food and workouts. Plus, you can share your healthy lifestyle info on your social media, straight from most of the apps.

What about your finances? You have a bank? Great! Now do you have an app that keeps you on check with your finances and helps you budget your money and bills? I have a great one for you! The app in the list below called Mint is so detailed and very secure! Just connect your bank account and let Mint help you budget and figure out where you’re spending the majority of your money.

Organization and goal setting are so important to practice throughout the year. But we tend to focus on it more in the beginning of the year. There are great apps out there for both organization and for goal setting and to-do lists. But there a select few that cover all of these in just one app.

What are your hobbies right now? Perhaps it’s photography, maybe you’re trying to invent the latest trend of the selfie. Enter creative idea here. All joking aside, there are some great and free apps for photography and to edit and filter your selfies… because we all know we use them.

So I’ve gathered a list of popular and very useful apps to cover these areas and to help you kickstart your 2015 the right way. With a little assistance from these apps, you might find yourself really staying motivated, organized, and in shape… all while having a little fun!

1. Snapchat

It’s the latest social media app that has everyone addicted to their stories and the creativity of it.

2. Spotify

There’s a free version, but for a low monthly fee you can customize your playlist and have unlimited choices of music. It’s endless and super awesome! Worth every penny in my opinion.

3. Withings

Anyone have the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Then this is the app for you!  This app monitors your steps, miles, calories, and everything in between, all courtesy of the new built in step tracker, embedded in your iPhone 6. Do yourself a favor and get this awesome app! It’s free too.

4. My Fitness Pal (and AskMD)

One tracks every food and drink you put in your body with your goals in mind. While the other allows you to put your symptoms in a little box while an official doctor answers them with their best advice. Both great apps to live a healthier lifestyle.

5. Wanderlist

To-do list, agenda, calendar, grocery list, and goal setting… all in one! Plus it has cool color tabbed folders. I just couldn’t resist.

6. Planner Plus

It’s like having my beautiful Kate Spade Agenda in front of me, except it’s on my phone and I can take it anywhere!

7. Mint

Stay on budget and find out where and what you need to cut back on, all while balancing your check book. It’s a 3-in-1!

7. CNN (and your local news app)

Because we all need a little bit more CNN in our daily lives to stay up to date. And your local news station should have an app so once you download it you’ll get great alerts like weather, traffic, and top news… without even having to open the app.

8. PS Express

My favorite app for photo editing and filters, and it just does wonders!!!! It’s free too!

9. Pinterest

Because, well duh, its Pinterest. What more do you need to know. Just download it already.

10. Your Email App

I have Gmail and would be lost without my Gmail app! Whether it’s Yahoo, MSN, or whatever you use… there’s an app for it.
What apps do you use to keep you on track of your goals?


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