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It is my pleasure to introduce you to the creator of the award winning blog Twenties Unscripted, Tyece Wilkins. Tyece founded Twenties Unscripted during the summer of 2012 while living in Texas for work.

Seeking more than corporate America, the blog became her platform for her rants, raves, and roars. Two years later, she is using it to share the missions and interests of other twenty-somethings, to discuss her ever-evolving views on feminism, and to combat stereotypical views of Gen Y.

Twenties Unscripted was one of the first twenty-something blogs we came across after starting up the GenTwenty Twitter account. In a stroke of  serendipity, Tyece and I share the same alma mater (Go, Terps!) and her thoughts on what being in your twenties really means are similar to our own here at GenTwenty.

Get to know her (and then visit her for more at Twenties Unscripted):

G20: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Tyece Wilkins: If you’re the kind of person who requires a Sex and the City “Which character are you?” synopsis to understand my personality, I’m Miranda Hobbs.

If you are not the kind of person who requires such, I’m a 24-year-old who loves writing, reading, ranting and red wining. I grew up in Baltimore and am currently living in Northern Virginia. I attended undergrad at the University of Maryland (this is the part where I say “Go, Terps!”) and have also lived in Massachusetts and Texas for short-term work assignments.

I’m currently in full-blown and unnecessarily dramatic quarter-life crisis mode as it feels like many elements of my life are getting overhauled. I’m downsizing my apartment to save money, contemplating what is next for my writing and trying not to feel inadequate or panic-stricken when I see engagements announced on Facebook. I am also mother to a temperamental four-year-old cat named Roxy.

G20: How did you get started in blogging and what is the story behind Twenties Unscripted?

TW: I started blogging in 2009 as a way to pass the time during my job during college as a community assistant at a dorm, otherwise known as the random person who sits at the front desk at any and all hours of the day. After attending a blogging conference in 2012, I purchased the domain for Twenties Unscripted and got considerably more serious about blogging.

I started Twenties Unscripted while I was living in Texas and initially just saw it as an outlet to write because I was not writing in the way I originally thought I would—as a budding, freelance writer gallivanting around NYC. By the middle of 2013, the blog’s readership grew beyond my expectations and it started to evolve into a place I put much thought, heart and soul into.

G20: What is the most challenging thing about maintaining a blog?

TW: Right now, the most challenging thing about maintaining my blog is understanding when and how to infuse new voices into Twenties Unscripted. I am now fortunate enough to have a platform where other twenty-somethings can share their work and stories, but maintaining that balance of my personal voice vs. other people’s voices has been a difficult adjustment. Much of that also entails receiving pitches, having the heart to say “No” when something is not a good fit or does not reflect my standards and vision for the space and having the discernment to say “Yes” when something would work well.

G20: What is your favorite part about writing and documenting your life online?

TW: My favorite part about documenting my life online is when someone else has that “Me too” moment. It’s easy to be met with radio silence and negativity as a blogger. I’ve certainly experienced both and they can each arrest your creativity and conviction in different ways. So, it is always a beautiful moment when someone else connects to what I’m saying and we are able to see those similar threads in our lives.

G20: Other than blogging/writing, what are some of your passions in life? How do you spend your free time?

TW: I’m a huge fan of spoken word poetry. I’ve been performing since college and recently got back into it last year. I love to spend a Thursday night at open mic night at Busboys and Poets. I also love reading. I’m currently finishing up Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist.” As writers, the most significant piece of advice we’re given is to read more than we write; I am finally trying to adhere to that.

Other than that, I love spending time with family and friends, particularly in a one-on-one kind of setting. I usually visit my parents every other week; you don’t realize how cool your parents are until you’re older. I am my best socially when it’s just a few other people. I dissolve in large group settings.

G20: What is your favorite topic to write about?

TW: At the moment, my favorite topic to write about is feminism because my views as a feminist are growing and evolving. It’s challenging and interesting to document that evolution. Feminism is also such a polarizing topic and it is one of the things I write about that is often time met with differing opinions. Let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s fun to piss people off. Just a little bit.

G20: Lastly, share with us a few of your favorite blogs/sites! 

TW: Everything EnJAll The Many Layers, The Frenemy, Bené VieraYetti Saysstacyannellis.comVery Smart BrothasRenegade Mothering

Tyece Wilkins is the creator of Twenties Unscripted where she offers a sincere, sassy and sometimes smart-assy take on growing up. Her work is aimed at observant, courageous and unconventional young women. Tyece enjoys drinking red wine, reading and getting entrenched in long one-on-one conversations with friends. 

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