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After months and months of creating, editing, writing, more editing, hundreds of emails, feedback, even more editing, and design work – I’m over the moon to present to you:

GenTwenty’s Guide to College Success:
How to Ace More Than Your Finals

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the GenTwenty staff is comprised of amazingly talented, hardworking, educated, and focused individuals, most of who have graduated and are now working towards building the careers of their dreams.

As forward-thinking members of Gen Y who have spent the past few years transitioning from student to young professional, we have unique and relevant insights into the role your college years play in building a strong foundation for your career. As you read, you’ll notice that some advice is timeless (e.g. a “thank you” note goes a long way), but others have become outdated (e.g. having a degree does not mean you’ll have a job).

We’ve included our tips, tricks, and secrets for finding success in your academics, relationships, financials, self-care, and planning for your future as you transition to from have class three hours a day to working eight hours a day.

From the back cover:

Following our college graduations we have collectively experienced the tumultuously dynamic employment landscape over the past few years as millennials in the workforce. In this book, we are sharing the tips and tricks we learned to get the most out of your college years. We place a heavy emphasis on how your choices during your college years affect you post-grad and into the early stages of your career.

We want students who are in college today to know what we didn’t and to be more prepared than we were for building the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling career.

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