As supporters of the LGBT community, we believe in equality between all genders, sexual orientations, and relationships. With recent strides towards the legal equality of same-sex marriages, another topic has jumped to the front lines. Are children raised in the LGBT community at a disadvantage?

Many opposers to same-sex marriage equality attempt to call into question the “disadvantages” children raised by same-sex parents may have as an argument against these types of relationships. As it turns out, this line of thinking is saturated by myths and misconceptions. From the idea that LGBT people are unfit to be good parents to the notion that children of same-sex parents have lower grades in school, it’s folly. The research indicates there is no significant difference between children of same-sex parental households and those with heterosexual parents.

As with most controversial topics, the research can sometimes be questionable. This boils down to biases. Often times the bias and personal opinions of the researchers influence the data. It’s a shame, but just another reason why replicating studies is so important.

The infographic below takes a look at the common myths and misconceptions that are brought up by non-LGBT supporters and subsequently disproves many of those misconceptions in favor of love equality:

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