Social media makes it easier to actively participate in causes. With an Internet connection and a few clicks of a button, we can contribute to charities that need our help. Just a few months ago, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, causing a chain of user-made videos and surge in monetary donations. Charitable giving doesn’t have to be a viral or seasonal thing. We can participate all year long in great causes.

With the large amount of charities online, choosing one can be overwhelming. We may see Kickstarters or charities shared on our NewsFeeds and Dashboards, but are they reliable or worthy? We can find charities based on a number of key steps.

1. Pick a cause we care about. If we know someone who’s been directly affected by an issue, we may want to turn to a charity that looks to resolve it. Do some searching on a nonprofit’s background and history. The more we care and know about the charity, the more we’ll be willing to give.

2. Ask how to help. Sometimes the best thing we can give is time. Volunteers are often needed at charities to help with donations or calls. The charity itself will likely have the best idea of how we can help.

3. Get involved on social media. Share information about the charity with family and friends. Comment on and like posts by the charity. We’ll spread awareness through our social channels. This shouldn’t be done itself, but in combination with Step 2.

4. Stay committed throughout the year. It’s easy to get sidetracked with our other obligations. However, we shouldn’t shirk our commitments, especially to those who really need our help. We should plan to help the charity regularly, not just one time.

Do you engage with charities on social media? Share with us what causes you care about!

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