5 Clever Ways to Drink More Water

It isn’t a secret that we all need to drink a lot of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’ve all heard more times than we can count about the benefits of staying hydrated. But for some reason, it’s still a hard one to commit to. Heck, it was probably some of your New Years Resolutions.

Did you stick to it? If not, I’ve thought of five ways to make it easier to keep drinking more water daily and make it less of a chore to do so.

1. Mark your water bottle.

The amount of water a person is supposed to intake varies from person to person. You can find out how much you should be drinking with this hydration calculator. Once you find that out, divide it up and measure how much you should be drinking for each hour of the day. Then use a permanent marker to label your water bottle with times of the day.

For example, the bottle can have 9am written towards the top, 10am in the middle, and 11am at the bottom. Your goal would be to finish your water bottle by 11am. Add in the times for the rest of the day to the opposite side of the bottle. Making your goals more visual will help you keep track of your progress and encourage you to steadily drink water throughout the whole day.

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2. Bring a pitcher to your work desk.

Melyssa of The Nectar Collective cleverly suggested in this blog post to bring a pitcher of water to your desk and refill the pitcher three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). By doing this, she is able to get more than the daily recommendation. T

here are at least three major benefits of using a pitcher instead of a water bottle. One is that you don’t have to keep count of how much you are drinking (because you already measured the size of the pitcher). It is conveniently sitting in front of you so it’s hard to forget about. And lastly, you feel accomplished when you finish it.

3. Infuse your water.

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t drink enough water because it’s boring and flavorless. One way to get yourself to drink more is to add some flavor. I know, I’m really doing rocket science here.

Fruits like strawberries, lemons, and blueberries make for some great additions to your normally tasteless water. Take a look at these fruit infused water ideas from Buzzfeed for more creative recipes.

4. Use an app.

There are so many apps on iTunes that help you keep track of the amount of water you’re intaking. FitBit allows you to track your runs and workouts, but it also can keep track of your water consumption. If you ask me, there’s something fun and motivating about logging in your progress.

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You probably want to keep up your progress each day and it will remind you that you need to meet your water goals too. If you’re not into FitBit, don’t worry, Waterlogged and MyWater are a couple other choices out of dozens that can help make drinking water more fun.

5. Use a straw.

This is my favorite and most effective method. I am always amazed by how much quicker I drink my water when I add a straw. Not only is my glass prettier because of it (which is a motivator in itself) but it just instantly makes it easier to empty the container. Go out and stock up on cute straws and you’ll have no problem getting in your daily water dosage.

Now that I’ve given you these five tips and tricks, let’s all go forth and have a refreshing, hydrated day week. Our skin will be glowing and we’ll be happier because of it. Pardon me while I go stock up on all the cute straws, pitchers, and fruit I can find at Target.